Sitter not responding

She agreed to the sit but asked to come a day later…she forgot a wedding she had to go to…she asked to meet 2 days earlier to meet the dogs and have lunch…at first I didn’t think it would work but then decided to speak with her about the situation and maybe
Make it work but I cannot get a reply back. She said she was new to THS. I just need a reply of confirmation she has confirmed but then asked to changed leaving day. I wrote to her last 3 days but still no reply. It says it’s unread…is there another way to contact her?

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@janet - I’m assuming that you didn’t exchange phone numbers before agreeing to the sit ?

I suggest that you contact member services for support - they will have alternative contact details ( outside of the THS platform ) So they will try and contact her on your behalf .

They can be contacted by live chat ( ask the chat bot to speak to member services ) or e-mail . If the sit is coming up soon - you can mark it as URGENT

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Thank you for responding…she asked if we can talk on the phone and I asked her to text me so I knew and posted my # but never got a response.

I finally received a msg and she cancelled. 3 days before now I’m in a jam…and I need to post live dates asap.