Sitter Problems

I have just recently signed up and listed 3 different dates. I have had 2 applicants, but 1 cancelled and the other will not answer any communication. I have also reached out and invited 20 local sitters and only 8 have responded. This means 12 have not even responded to the invite. I have spoke to customer service twice and was told that everything looks really good. I am located in the DFW area and only have one elderly type small dog to watch. What am I missing???

Hi @scodan . Welcome to the group. It could be that you are being a little impatient - when did you list? I would give it at least a full week to gauge any instant applications.
When are your dates ? Many sitters are not applying for sits too far in advance because of the ever changing travel restrictions.
Reaching out to sitters yourself is the most difficult way to find a sitter as the sitters you are reaching out to may not be looking at the moment - The best way is definitely to let sitters apply to you.

It will be easier for members of the forum to give you any advice if you add your listing link to your profile - Here are the instructions on how to do this.

Good Luck!

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It has been 3 or 4 weeks. My most immediate dates are March 13-18. I did add my link as you suggested. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi @scodan
I searched for sits in Arlington and there are 5 other HO looking for sitters around the same dates in March. They are also sitting @ 0-3 applicants, maybe there are not enough local sitters available in March.
My feedback to you on the images you have posted and please don’t think I am being too picky, i’m just comparing your images to other HO images.
The pic of the guest room has cushions and not pillows on the bed. Unless they are behind, it looks like the sitter will not have a pillow. I would also recommend removing the image of the slippers on the kitchen counter :grinning: they do look like they are knew but sitters may not see that.
Your home seems family friendly and in a great location, I hope you have some applications soon. If I didn’t have my cousins wedding on 18th June i’d be applying myself.

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Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. I will try to update some of my pictures.

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