Sitter who applies but wants to have more choice

A sitter applied, sending me a long text, charming, he has many positive reviews, he sounded the perfect guy. I gave him more information, but my 3 messages went unread for 12 hours

I confirmed the sit, but this sitter told me the following morning, he wanted to have a chat first. What I can understand, so many sitters on this forum ask a video (what I never ask when I have my sitter cap) .
He had read my messages at 9, gave me an appointment for a video at 11, as he wanted to walk the dog he was looking after first.
We talked 3/4 of an hour, and when I said I had looked at train schedules he stopped me. "Heh, I need to call 2 other persons, I will let you know tonight my answer.
i was really surprised, told him “you applied so I thought you wanted more details but may be you don’t want to do that sit, it’s better to tell me just now*”
He replied “no, but I want to talk to the other owners. will understand, if you find somebody else by tonight
I really need a sitter but suddenly i had a bad impression, a kind of "rapport de forces (don’t know how to translate that) " I dislike.
I explained I did not want to send private invitations to sitters if I will have to decline them because he finally accepted to come, and I did not want to waste a whole day waiting for his final answer.
I was pretty sure it would be negative, “other wise, if you had felt enthousiastic, why not choose us, now and say NO to your other proposals ?”
Don’t play this game with me” he told me. It’s my way to behave.
Why has he applied to several owners on the same day ? I think it’s pretty rude.

I’m a sitter too, I do understand sitters can apply to different owners but they can wait the HO answers, if there is no answer at all, they may feel free to contact others. But 3 the same day ?

Although I’m in panic (after a cancellation), I declined his application, I felt miserable. Cheated.
Yes I took it personnally. I may be wrong.

@Provence its abit like going for a job interview being offered the job but at the same time you are waiting for a better offer later in the day! It sounds like you were being put ‘on-hold’ while he weighed up his options and of course that happens and you could argue that its reasonable from that persons perspective but it does not help you. As a sitter you know you can experience it with HOs who sometimes do the same. I think its best just to move on and look for somebody who can make a firm commitment with you.


@Provence - I often apply for several sits at a time. I can housesit only during my school holidays so when a holiday is about 4 weeks away, I go through a spate of applying for sits I like the look of and where I feel I might be a good match. I don’t think this is unreasonable, because we all know that some sits receive dozens of applications and HOs don’t always respond to all applicants.
What this man has done, is EXACTLY the same as a HO: he has made a ‘short list’ and is interviewing all those for the best possible match.
In my opinion, he was thoughtless ONLY in that he TOLD you he was doing this: I’d have more manners and just keep quiet about the others I’d applied to and had plans to interview!


Well he could have told me from the beginning
We chatted for 3/4 of an hour. I was probably long, explaining the cancellations, my own sit to do, we had even sat for the same owner à few months ago
It’ s only when i told him i had looked for trains solutions, at the end of our chat, he told me he would give me his final answer at the end of the day
I had not invited him, he had applied on his own
Sorry, but as an owner i choose quicker (tooquickly à sitter told me once)
Of course there are nicer sits, nicer dogs ( ???)
but no, i did not want to wait for his answer.

The tide has very much turned from a few months ago.

Sitters now seem to have the advantage over HOs with so many sits popping up daily. Far cry from when numerous sitters were vying for so few sits. During my recent search for our upcoming travels, I note numerous sits with 0-3 applicants. And lots of new HOs who have obviously recently joined THS.

HOs are going to have to really “sell” their posted sits to make them stand out from the other opportunities.

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@PetSitterBug i guess things will level out at some point but lots of people will be acheing for a holiday so as a sitter ‘make hay will the sun shines’!

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Completely agree!

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We often have several sitting applications on the go at once because we find HO can decline the application, sometimes taking several weeks to do so. Once we have mutually agreed a sit we then immediately withdraw any outstanding applications.