Sitters applying for multiple sits at the same time

Right, @pietkuip.

The greater the lag(s), the greater the imposition potentially on the other party. That’s true of sits or anything else when you’re asking someone to wait. And if someone automatically expects someone else to wait beyond a cursory period, that’s a sense of entitlement. That’s true on both sides.

Sure, some people’s lives are more busy or in flux than others’. But there’s no obligation for strangers to accommodate your needs. However long or short their willingness to wait is entirely up to them.

Yup, I’ve experienced that, too. Why: The HOs were busy traveling and there were significant time differences, so they didn’t want to impose on me and offered the sit and we caught up later. I’m on that sit now.

And how those HOs behaved initially reflected how they behaved later — thoughtfully. For instance, we decided arrival and departure times mutually. They asked what food I might want. They offered to pick me up if I needed, even an hour away. They showed me around the neighborhood and on walks. They left me a map book with walks marked. They left robust emergency info and contacts. Their neighbors knew I was coming. They offered me whatever was in their pantry. They gave me a bottle of wine. There was plenty of room in the fridge and freezer for my food. They offered me a clean, comfortable and well-outfitted guest and bathroom. There was plenty of drawer space for me.

I didn’t take advantage, either. I told them I’d get my own food. I figured out how to get myself within an easy distance, so they didn’t have to drive far to get me and my baggage. And I’ll be flexible on their return, in case they run late.


I see mine – try going to your dashboard and scrolling down to My House Sits. If you click on View Conversation, there’s a box with the dates you applied for. I assume you would just uncheck that box. I’m not sure; I haven’t needed to decline any sits so far.

Thank you - I don’t see that. All there is under My House Sits is a list of the sits we’ve completed. Maybe because I’m using the website…

That sounds familiar @Sunshine_G, I believe you’re right. It isn’t on my dashboard now either but then I have no applications to sit pending, so perhaps that’s the answer in my case :thinking:

Maybe that’s it. It’d be nice to be able to contact home owners to ask questions before hitting ‘Apply’'.

When a response to my enquiry means I decide not to go ahead, I write a note explaining why and wishing them the best etc, but don’t want that to disappear behind a notice of withdrawl of application. I guess I can cancel first, and then write my note…

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Once, I actually had an HO couple ask me, the sitter, at the end of our lovely FaceTime visit, to wait 2 weeks so they could visit with another applicant before deciding whom to invite. I understood.

But, this left me hanging, as I observed and missed other possible sits. When a very appealing opportunity was posted, I immediately responded and was invited. So, I felt no compunction declining the first HO couple and accepted the second HO.
Of course, I immediately sent the first couple my regrets.

It seems to be like job interviews, many jobs and many applicants. Only one gets the job. The message I took from that was to create my THS bio, my THS experiences and my interviews so I am the top candidate. Also, I attempt to match myself very well to the HO before applying. There is usually only one opportunity at a time that fits my schedule, location and purpose. Que Sera Sera or whatever happens will happen.


I withdrew my application once when the HO asked for time to firm up her travel plans. My POV: Don’t post a listing with firm dates if you’re actually still undecided, because you’re wasting applicants’ time.

In that case, our video chat gave me other misgivings, so it was easy to withdraw.


That has happened to me more than once.


I hope that you told the first couple the reason you ended up declining rather than just your regrets. It should have been them regretting keeping you hanging on and would encourage them to think about their future behaviour. Well done for getting the second sit.


Same, I’m so picky…once my heart’s set on one, I hold out until I know whether I got it or not before applying to something else!

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Hello MargotW!

No, not disingenuous. Are you only looking at one sitter at a time?

If so, I’d advise to change that.

Both homeowners and sitters have planning they have to do for the time they’ll be sitting, where it’s at, and the opportunities they have.

Sitters are doing the equivalent of you in choosing sitters and planning your trip.

Sitters tend to contact a lot of ones that look like a match for them and their plans, or that they can adjust their plans to, which may be 1 or 10 or something… depends on the location.

We get lack of/unreliable/etc responses a lot from homeowners even at the video-chat stage, just like owners can and do.

It only makes sense for sitters to be weighing more than one sit while owners are weighing more than one sit applicant. Besides that before-video chat, one or both of you can/could/will find it’s not a fit and tell the other so and move on to other options.

It can be tricky on both ends to feel around, find, and then see if a sit/sitter is the right/best one.

As long as someone is being polite and responding in reasonable timeframes, not being dodgy about video chats or questions asked or requirements needed, both sides are holding up their end of the process.

Now, those on either end who don’t respond or over too extended a time or aren’t forthcoming in things and whatnot… same though opposite - that’s when they aren’t holding up their end.

We should all be hunting for the best match and sometimes we (sitters or owner) aren’t the best match available and confirmed - but that also doesn’t mean that if there was otherwise a good match that both sides keeping future sits a possibility.

Owners pursue the best sitter, sitters pursue the best sit. And “best” shifts for different timesframes and availabilities. Everyone can look at more than one match to find that.

Now, if they’d just ghosted you are some such (had that happen…) instead of telling you that they had found a different sit that would’ve been rude since you’re trying to make plans. In this case they did the right thing: They let you know so you can continue your search.

Hope you find the right match in your other applicants!

In the past I have applied for one at a time as I don’t need to pet sit full time.
However, over the past 6 days, I have had my eyes opened with the difference in the timing of responses from USA pet owners.
Since 6 days ago, I have applied for 6 sits, some have not read my application even though they have gone to reviewing. Another 2 have been read 5 and 6 days ago and done nothing. Another owner has asked to set up a Zoom call over the weekend, i.e. in 4 or 5 days. (She intends to do the same with all the other applicants)
Is this normal for USA owners in that they take much longer than UK owners?
For this reason, I am definitely applying for multiple sits

I don’t know what’s typical, but I’ve seen variety among U.S. HOs — some quick and some slow.

The worst I’ve experienced were an expat in Asia (didn’t review for weeks and then reached out last minute) and a Brit (who it turned out didn’t have dates nailed down and wanted time to work that out).

I speak to all the people that have applied as quickly as I can. It’s the courteous thing to do. If I’d spent time contacting a home owner, I wouldn’t just want a decline without a reason why. You can’t always tell from a profile and reviews as to whether people are suitable. Quite often people don’t write truthful reviews for fear of upsetting the apple cart.

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I think some HOs do not know they can only get 5 applicants. I am watching a long sit I was interested in but too late to apply. It has been in reviewing status for over 2 weeks. I am thinking the HO does not realize they will not be getting more applicants.


She did receive some not very kind replies; I could understand her not coming back.

@Sunshine_G When an OP posts a thread with a question at the end, members, on the whole, are courteous in their replies as we genuinely want to help or clarify a situation. It’s disappointing when the OP then has no further input. Of course, there are going to be different viewpoints and expressed differently but that is part of being a member of a forum.

I agree, people are mostly doing their best to be helpful. Personally II don’t need a response, but I can understand people wanting to know whether the OP’s situation is resolved.

In this case though, many of the early responses were quite challenging. I’m not judging them - far be it from me! - they may have come out of understandable frustrations. But the OP’s question seemed a sincere enquiry, and if I was surprised by the initial responses, maybe the OP was too.

If you were applying for a new job, would you only apply for one job or would you apply for many jobs?

I expect many of us are reacting to your use of the word “disingenuous,” when we are, indeed, trusted housesitters.

I’ve had a recent situation when I applied for a sit 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t been read by the HO.
I’ve also applied for a sit a similar time ago for next Spring. It’s been read but still reviewing.
Equally I had someone come back too late and I’d booked another sit for the same dates.
We are new to THS’s but have a considerable number of sits booked on trust rather than reviews which has been amazing. We absolutely love this house/pet sit concept and overall it’s working fantastically.
Other than the three situations above HO’s have been super fast and experienced to come back quickly. This suits me as I’m very much a planner.
This has been my experience as a sitter to date.