SITTERS FOUND! 21-26 MAR 2023, San Diego CA

Dates: Tues eve Mar 21 - Sun morning Mar 26
Location: San Diego, CA
Country: USA

Hi, Need a last minute sitter for my 2 cuties next week - had several last minute cancellations and am now scrambling. Any body available?
Kind regards, Robin

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Hello, @robinj212 Welcome to the community forum and thank you for sharing your listing.

I am very sorry to hear that your sitters cancelled. I am sure that some other community members will check out your listing and provide some helpful feedback.

You can also give @Angela-HeadOfCommunity permission to post your listing on social media for more coverage.

Chico & Luca look super cute!

Your previous sitters have left you some great feedback and feel free to reach out to any sitters in your area under ‘find a pet sitter’. I hope you get some applications soon.

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Hi @robinj212
How frustrating that you’re having to scrabble around for last minute sitters.
I’ve had a look at your listing and would suggest you put pics for Chico and Luca first. There is a lot of ‘stuff’ lying around in the kitchen so maybe another pic could be uploaded of it clearer?
You say there are two dogs but then you write as if there’s one, e.g. “to do his business”.
4 walks a day is a bit excessive. Wouldn’t a morning and evening walk be enough? Can the dogs run free in the garden, if secure? How long can they be left alone for? Do sitters really need a car? Is there the possibility of you leaving a car for their use?
I’m afraid to say that the fact your dogs sleep in bed with you is going to put most potential sitters off.
I hope you find someone or a couple.

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It looks like @robinj212 has found a sitter … excellent news.
Thank you to everyone who helped share the listing.