Sitters Needed 1-16 May 2022, NEWBURY, UK

Dates: 1st to 16th May 2022
Location: Newbury
Country: UK

Hi all - no responses yet to our sitter listing for our two elderly Bengal cats who would much prefer to stay at home while we’re away on holiday! We’ve had an offer for weekends only from one of the sitters that saved our listing but would prefer someone to be around during the week too. We’ll be ringing cattery’s tomorrow for contingency plans but in the meantime, if anyone can help it’d be much appreciated. Thanks! Jim

Hi @JimMachon and welcome. I took a quick look at your listing. By showing ‘sitter needs a car’ you are limiting the number of sitters who will be interested, and many skip by the listing once that’s noticed.

You show a pub and store within a 5-minute walk. Perhaps show some details about local public transit, and whether there are any grocery delivery services or Uber-type rides. If there is someone close by who could be relied on for a ride/lift in an emergency, that would also be helpful.

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I agree with @Snowbird 's comment. I would also add in a recommendation to update your title with information that will pull in visitors to look at your profile. Maybe something like “2 elderly Bengal cats in search of loving sitter near Highclere Castle” or other information that would think would be enticing to potential sitters.

You could also test out making the main image a picture of the cats instead of the house. Some people are really drawn in by the animals versus the house.

One last consideration - you list that you have a 5 bedroom home and show more than one bed in your listing photos. Would you consider a family as sitters? If so, adding the family friendly tag would help increase your pool of sitters as many only search by sits tagged as family friendly.

Thanks for the tips @Snowbird.

Unfortunately where we live public transport is very poor (two buses per day into the local town) so feel it would be unfair to anyone without a car but isn’t impossible.

All of the major supermarkets provide a delivery service so that’s definitely worth mentioning.

We do have local taxi services but Uber is yet to make it out this far.

And although I’ve got some good neighbours, I’m not sure if they’d be able to be relied on to be available 24/7 and wouldn’t like to impose.

I’ll update my listing with some of these suggestions so thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated.


Hi @thejohnsfam - strangely enough, I tried to update our cover photo to show the cats but it hasn’t stuck so have to presume I missed a ‘Save’ button somewhere. I think the title change is a good idea too.

The cats are not used to children being in the house so I’d hesitate to consider a family, although I suspect older children would be fine (they put up with our teenage nieces when they visit!). Also, as we have no children of our own, the house isn’t set up to be ‘child friendly’ so there’s that additional concern.

Thanks for your suggestions and will update our listing.

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