Sitters Needed 18-31 May (or any timeframe within) Sunnyvale, California (2 dogs)

Dates: May 18-31
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Country: USA

Request: Hello!

We have not had much luck (unfortunately two sitters had to cancel) getting any timeframe within May 18-31 covered for our two dogs, Carl and Arnold. They are very sweet and we live in a great area! The home is kid friendly and has a gym in the garage for the more ambitious sitter :slight_smile:

Ideally, we could have at least May 18-23 covered but would love to just see what works best for someone.

Thank you so much for any interest!

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Hello @caro_ro and welcome to the forum. I took a quick look at your listing and can suggest two things. First is to change your heading to whatever is your key feature that should draw a person in to read more. Take a look at how your listing displays on the website, and ironically look at the one to the left of yours.

You have very little word allowance on the website, whereas it is better on the app. We already know from what’s below the heading that you’re in Sunnyvale and have two dogs.

You have mentioned you can be flexible with dates, so that may be key. I noticed your listing shows that you make a car available - that’s also a major draw for some sitters. Either of those are preferable.

In your listing, I suggest you mention how long (hours) you are comfortable with the dogs being left alone. Sitters like to know how much free time they have to be away from the home, if they’d like to explore the area.


Hi, @Snowbird! Thank you so much for the suggestions! MUCH appreciated! I have made some changes and will work on adding a few more tidbits and photos.

Thanks again!