Sitters needed, 24 April - 25 May, Buus, Sweden


Dates: 24 April for at least two weeks, maximum a month
Location: Buus, Hörby
Country: Sweden

Request: My partner and I are hoping to go to Romania to help build animal shelters for rescue organisations helping animals in Ukraine. As soon as we find sitters we can go.

Hi @MarieB_in_Bus_Sweden Your listing shows ‘currently no sitter needed’. Perhaps check your account and if you need some help, direct message @Angela-CommunityManager

Yes! I can’t get the dates to be approved. Aaargh. I’ve written to THS, but I will certainly try Angela. Thanks!

Hi @MarieB_in_Bus_Sweden

I have added the listing link to your forum profile and removed from the post.

I also had a look at your listing and you need to upload additional images, there are no internals showing sitters living areas, kitchen etc., I appreciate your listing is not new to the site, that you have reposted dates but internal images are now a requirement.

I did try to check the status using your registered forum email but unfortunately couldn’t find your account.

Do get back to me if I can help further.

Dear Angela,
Under my account tab it says: Current membership. Your Standard Combined membership will automatically renew on Jul 6, 2022 for €179.00, which must mean all is in order with the payment.

During the day I will take the interior pictures and add to my profile. Thank you for letting me know. Haven’t seen any nudges to add those.

I have found a sitter! Now, how do I remove my request?

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Congratulations @MarieB_in_Bus_Sweden :clap: No need to remove your post, but thank you for coming back to share your good news. We love seeing success and happy endings here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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