Sitters Needed 8-15 Aug in Bournemouth, UK - For our honeymoon!

Dates: August 8th - 15th
Location: Southbourne
Country: UK
Link to Listing URL:

Request: We are in dire need for a pet sitter to take care of our sweet female dog Matsi so we can take our belated honeymoon, which has been put off since last summer. We’ve sent over 50 applications under the Find A Sitter Tab on the main hub over the last month and everyone has been really kind in getting back to us, but unfortunately no one is available during these dates.

Our beloved dog Matsi is a 9 year old with a very laid back temperament. She is a rescue who spent 8 years with me by my side on a Dude Ranch in Montana where she got to roam freely in a dog’s heaven among horses. She is a very confident dog, ‘Alpha’ in Nature, and very sure of herself, which is why people love her and are very much attracted to her. Gem and I need someone to watch her while we take a long awaited belated honeymoon as we got married last summer, but couldn’t find the time to fulfill our honeymoon dream based on scheduling conflicts! We’d love to take Matsi with us, as she’s our shadow, but unfortunately we know she’d be more comfortable staying at home with good people while we go off on our romantic honeymoon.

We have a secluded spacious one bedroom flat located at the back of the house with a private entryway and small garden. We are located only a 4 minute walking distance from Southbourne beach and a 5 minute drive to historic Christchurch. Other than hanging out with Matsi and talking her on 3 walks a day, we have about 40 indoor house plants and some small plants outside that need some taken care of. We honestly think that you’d be a perfect fit for Matsi. Please let us know. We look forward in hearing back from you.

Kind Regards,
Jake and Gem

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Welcome @Jacob and I hope we can find you someone at short notice to look after beautiful Matsi so you can take your long awaited honeymoon. With your consent we can share this on social media… just give us the nod and we will organize that for you. :crossed_fingers: and for extra enticement … who could resist!!! Here’s a picture of sweet Matsi.


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Thank you so much. Please do, yes you have my consent!

What social media hubs can I find it on?

Kind Regards,

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I believe it gets posted on the Facebook page… I’ll send the details over to the team now. Good luck!

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Awesome! Thanks Vanessa

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Many good wishes and shares Jacob and a comment which says “We think we have found someone” do keep us updated and good luck.


Since I’m in the same last minute boat, I wandered over to Facebook to comment on that post. It looks like the 4hrs of exercise a day may be a sticking point BUT…

Hello, Matsi’s exercise studio! Come stay and get in shape with her!

Maybe try to turn that into a plus? It sounds like a very picturesque walk and kind of a getting back to nature type thing. I work remotely at a desk all day. If I was pet sitting, I’d love to be able to get out reconnect with nature like that (and get into better shape!).

Just my two cents–my fingers are crossed that you’ll find somebody to enlist in Matsi’s exercise bootcamp!


‘Our home is situated within a 3 minute walk to Southbourne Beach overlooking the English Channel. Southbourne Beach offers a board walk where you can partake in having a bike ride or walk down to Boscombe and Bournemouth Piers/Beaches or head East into the more secluded Sand Dunes and famous Hengistbury Head, a headland jutting into the English Channel between Bournemouth and Mudeford in the English county of Dorset. It is a site of international importance in terms of its archaeology and is scheduled as an Ancient Monument.’


I’m amazed your struggling to get a sitter in Bournemouth in August. The place is manic at the moment with summer visitors. We love the place but always make sure we are not there during the summer months.
A few suggestions
The dog crate is in the sitters bedroom. Can it be moved somewhere else?
As someone else suggested, make the exercise sound more fun. There are so many beautiful walks around the area and also the New Forest is close by. Does your dog travel well in a car?
If possible, include families. The summer season in Bournemouth is manic. It can be £200 a night in an Airbnb during the school holidays. I’m sure a small family would jump at the chance to spend sometime with your beautiful dog.

If we were home I’d consider a local sit, especially in your area as it’s not as busy as Westbourne and the beaches are (mostly) dog friendly. I hope you find someone and have a great honeymoon.

Thanks Angela :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks Jenny for the kind words and recommendations. I have adjusted the dog walking to be between 2.5-4 hrs a day total. I usually spend 4 hrs a day with Matsi on walks, so I was just going with what she was use to when I initially wrote the ad. I do understand that many people don’t like to walk that much per day and have work so Matsi would be more than happy with 2.5 hours a day. I hope you find someone for yourself. Many thanks and Cheers.

Kind Regards,
Jake and Gem

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Cheers Elsie. Thank you for the advice.

Kind Regards,
Jake and Gem

PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE FOUND A SITTER FOR MATSI. She is a lovely girl who has a background working at a Vet Clinic and is very grounded and attentive. Matsi and her hit it off immediately during the meet and greet. Thank you for to everyone who reached out to me with your kind words and hope. Thank you community administrators for getting the word out. Much gratitude🙏

Jake, Gem and Matsi🐾

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Hello Jake, Gem & Matsi … That’s BRILLIANT news we are thrilled for all of you … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

and that is music to our ears … have a wonderful honeymoon and don’t forget to send us pics of Matsi and her new best friend.

Where are you going on your honeymoon? Wherever it is safe and happy travels …

Angela and the Forum Team

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