Sitters, PLEASE read the listing before applying!

Secured the other half of the sit with more AMAZING thsitters.

Man did we score!

My trip planning just got more light hearted and happy!


Specially when english is not your mother tongue !!

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My listing is really clear that we need a single sitter, it’s actually the first word in our title, yet we still receive many applications from couples.

I’m also battling against many applicants who apply without checking how they will get here, too, which is another result of the 5 applicants and pause rule I expect.

We posted our April sit over a week ago and I have spoken to at least 5 prospective sitters who after they have checked flights have withdrawn.

I really wish people would check this before they apply, it’s so time consuming and disheartening to keep talking to people who then pull out, but I understand sitters feel the pressure to apply as soon as they see the sit listed. I wonder how many other sitters saw our listing when it was under review, who would have applied, and might not see it has reopened?

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THS can easily solve this by informing the sitters on the application page that there is no hurry, that should check flights etc, that they just need to keep the application page open.

It would be so easy. Just replace these empty phrases with some informative instructions:


Very disheartening for you @Andalucia and time-consuming. Perhaps instead of talking to them you could actually include asking about their travel arrangements in your first response to their application.

Yes of course and that is what we do, it’s just such a waste of time reading through sitters profiles, checking reviews, discussing it together as a couple and replying to prosèctive sitters with a view to accepting them, only for them to at best respond with ‘oh sorry I’ve checked and I can’t actually get to you after all’, to at worst, no reply at all.

What has happened to the sitters of previous days who were communicative?!

@pietkuip I have passed this idea on in our internal feedback channel along with the screenshot. If I hear anything I will let you know :slight_smile:

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Carla, what’s likely is that potential sitters are applying too quickly and not checking the details because THS has, in effect, imposed a time pressure. Apply straight away or miss out. What else did anyone expect would happen?


Yes. Definitely.

At least some of us ‘newbies’ still are communicative!
I got my first two confirmations last summer for a trip to UK for this summer, and still do not have my flights :rofl: but I do have my 2-month train pass, my Oyster card, and am in touch with 4 different Pet Parents every few weeks. One week from now will be the ‘sweet spot’ for best airline price, and I will buy it then (even if it has not gone down another 50). I am so grateful that there has been good communication all along, and that my PPs trusted I would do what I said I would do :smiley:
And I totally agree. It all comes down to straightforward communication to develop trust. I am looking SO forward to meeting all my ‘people’ and pets! Two of them actually already feel like ‘friends.’


I know how you feel, unfortunately my usual house sitter had to cancel due to having an operation. I relisted my sit, the first applicant sounded really good so after messages between us I confirmed the sit. They then cancelled as they said we were too rural and her daughter wanted to talk more French with people. I feel they should have looked up our area first if they wanted more of a busy area. The second people again sounded really lovely, we messaged, my only concern was that on one of the reviews it said they used neighbours to sort the pets on one occasion. I don’t want to put on my neighbours, so I messaged saying that I am happy for them to leave the dogs for up to 5 hours. I then get a message saying that my sit overlapped with another. So again cancelled. The third person, again seemed really nice, we chatted and then confirmed the sit. Two days later she messages saying shes just seen an important part in my listing, that there is no public transport to or around where I live and as she doesnt have transport she will have to think if its ok. After 3 days of messaging she cancelled the sit. I do feel that if you are travelling and relying on public transport that you should look at the box that was filled in to say, public transport is not available.
I have now highlighted the issue with how long to leave my dogs and the fact there is no public transport.
I have now had to relist and hope the next person reads all that I have put in my details.
We have never had this before and have had some happy sitters.


I recently read a listing which at the end stated that interested sitters are required to respond to the application with a particular stated codeword in the first line of their message ensuring that they have read the listing. If they don’t do so they will not be responded to. I thought this was a good suggestion. hope it can help you.


It seems that several sitters backed out because of your location. Then I wonder if that location is clear in your listing.

I always try to look on Google maps to check public transport etc, the box in the listing does not really give that information. Unfortunately, the real location is often not really given.

Hi yes possibly I will amend my details and add a bit more information of the type of area

One of the first things I do is look at the little “accessible by public transport” icon!
I can completely understand your frustration! This is unconscionable to apply for sits with no awareness of the sit!!

That is a good idea!

Absolutely! I’ve had 7 people now apply to sit. None of them could have read the details even after I updated them and made it easier to see. One 21 year old applied, had no transport then asked to bring her 18 and 16 year old sisters with her.
We have now cancelled our holiday, I was getting too stressed

@SiobhanFL Your post made me smile :slightly_smiling_face: I wish I could apply for one of your sittings.
Before replying to a new post, I always read every single line and word over and over again, afraid that I might miss something important.
All the best in finding the best suitable sitters and that future applicants will read more in detail :grinning:

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Oh, that is sad that you cancelled your holiday, @julesb . :frowning_face:

I actually find it more stressful to receive totally inappropriate applicants than to receive none at all. First, I get kind of annoyed when I receive a seemingly “random” application because of the time I put into making sure my listing clearly describes the sit for which they’re applying. I used to stress over how much effort I should put into my response and whether I should tell them WHY I’m turning down their application but now, if the answer should be obvious due to the information in the title and in the fairly clear list at the beginning of my listing, I just decline without comment. Since those applicants seem to be using the “throw the spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks” method of applying, I doubt that it fazes them very much to be declined for one sit.


I totally agree with you. It’s a shame it’s come to this. All it takes is a little common sense and to read properly