Sitting for a 6 month Shitzu

Any tips for helping out a baby Shitzu get trained to pee + poo OUTSIDE only, when she is super excitable. Yes, treats help when she makes it out there, but she’s not yet getting the memo. Please help with suggestions! Thanks

Hi @Amit welcome to our community forum did the owners take you through their way of dealing with this situation and where they are with her potty training?

Does she only have accidents

or is this normal behavior?

The owner will have access to the 24/7 Veterinary Helpline which is not only for emergencies and there are some tips here Potty Training a Puppy: How to House Train Puppies

Pet sitting puppies is both a joy and a challenge depending where they are in their training, I know I’ve been that sitter, it takes time and patience even when maintaining the training that pet parents have in place.

We have a super helpful and knowledgable community asking the question is the place to start.

A puppy cannot hold its pee for longer than a few hours. You could try taking the dog out every few hours and when outside, tell it “ hurry up 1”. Wait until it pees and as the dogs pees clap and softly say “good dog” with a treat you know the dog likes.To get the dog to poop you could try “ go hurry up 2”. Going up a steep hill may also help it to poop and make sure the dog does not have sneak slug of your coffee or you will whooping the poop!