Sitting with your own pet

Does anyone ever take their own pets to a sit? Or is that taboo?
We are family sitters, we have kids and our dog and hope to be able to take her with us.

There have been other posts about this. If you search for them, you will get some answers.

You will definitely see sitters here who travel with their animals and manage to book sits so it is possible. There are many pets who easily ‘get along’ with any other animal they encounter and owners who know this probably are fine with it. But there will likely not be as many opportunities available since there are pets where the people know this would not be a good idea or they don’t know how it would turn out and probably aren’t going to take the risk. Traveling with children can present similar limitations but there are people who do this successfully as well. While these two things will limit your opportunities, it doesn’t mean you won’t have any so don’t get too discouraged. I also think if you come across sits where people explicitly say they don’t want other pets or their sits aren’t suitable for families, you don’t apply anyway trying to persuade them with how well behaved your kids are or how great your dog is with other animals,etc… I think there are so many opportunities here and something to suit everyone’s circumstances so just know you’ll get something eventually!

Hi @Ndjakou welcome to our community forum. There are sitters who successfully travel with their own pets as there are owners who will welcome other pets however this will reduce your opportunities as it can be difficult introducing another pet into a pet’s home environment … as @Lassie says there have been other conversations on this subject, you can use the Spy glass to search.

This is the advice we give in our T&C’s but of course it is on an individual basis, every owner is different as is every pet

Can I bring my pet on a sit?
While it’s not common in our community, some members do request to bring their own pet on a sit. And this is fine, as long as the owner and their pets are happy with the arrangement.

“If you would like to bring your pet on a sit, you must express this in your application to the owner. We also recommend applying to local sits, as this would give you the opportunity to introduce the pets to one another ahead of the sit start date”

I’m sure you’ll get some really informative and helpful feedback from other members.

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Tried initially, changed what I was searching for and found a good thread- Thanks

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We are a family as well and have been cleared to bring our newly acquired guinea pig along to our next sit, but I made sure to have a backup plan in case it wasn’t ok with the homeowners.

I have seen a few people who successfully travel with their own animals, so I know it’s possible - However, I personally would be too nervous about trying to book sits if I had a dog/cat that would interact with other animals as you just never know how they will get along with other animals and how other animals will interact with them.

We have been housesitting now for a couple of years and now thinking of getting our own small dog. In the UK. How easy is it to find a sit where you can take your own dog on sits.

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Good morning @auntyaud and lovely to see you in the forum again. I’ve moved your question here onto a topic discussing this subject. You’ll find some good advice and maybe get some new feedback too. All the best and please share a picture when you get your new pup!

I’m new to this. Are people ok with me house sitting with my dog? I realize this would be variable, but just wondering if this site will work for me at all? Thanks!

I think some HOs would be ok with it, but most won’t want an unknown animal in their home and animal’s space. It won’t be impossible, but it’ll make things much more difficult.