Sliding scale for sit length in search

This might sound picky, but I would love it if I could choose my own length of sits when I’m doing searches, especially saved searches.

It currently has 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, more. And I’ll be honest, that does cover most situations.

I’m usually looking for something that is 7-12 days but if I put 1 week, I miss anything that is just one day short of a week. And if I put 3 days, I end up with all the sits that are only 3 days thrown in there.

So - I propose a sliding scale where I choose the end points. 6 days - 22 days or whatever.

Yeah, I know, picky. :grinning:

And then of course, I will still need the feature that allows me to mark all the sits I’ve already discounted for one reason or another. :slight_smile:


:100: :100: :100: ~ all of this ~ :100: :100: :100:

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I’ve no idea, technically, how difficult that would be to do, but if possible I agree it would be a great improvement to the site

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I agree. I. find it frustrating there is no middle point between one and six months. For those doing long sits, having at list a 3 month option would be great.

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