So how was your Christmas

… In these strangest of times? Hope you didn’t make a fool of yourself.


I spent Xmas alone more than 700 km from my home, with 2 cats, missing my puppy, my own cat and my husband.

All that to get a new pet sitting référence as i would like to go to New Zealand in 2021. And because a sit 32km from my home had been cancelled…

I would have waited a few days more, i could have applied for another sit in Paris : no drive to do , just a train to catch. Quicker and cheaper…

The cats are ok, Ludo is quite distant, Toto sleeps on my stomach when i read on the sofa


Like most of us, I stayed home, But I received a visit from leprechauns who delivered me a nice “tartare de saumon”. Christmas is all about love and surprises ! Enjoy



Ours was very quiet
We had a lovey time watching the antics
Of the cats :cat2: and dogs :dog2:


Wherever you were we hope you were able to be with your someone special, furry or human.

This was my first Christmas without a house sit in 8 years, I should have been in San Diego CA.,
But silver linings, instead we had our first Christmas with new and only GrandDaughter, Grace Olivia at her home in Cove, Scotland … and of course my Grand cat Mitten who was suitably unimpressed with her new human family member

I introduced Grace to The Sound of Music (she slept) then it was on to West Side Story and 25th Anniversary of Les Miserable recorded in 2010 at the O2 in London …an all musical Christmas with storm Bella and today we awoke to snow. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :christmas_tree: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Can I just say, my original post was intended as just a bit of fun. The discussion has evolved into the important one of feedbacks/references which I’m sure a lot of members would be interested in but wouldn’t expect to find it under “how was your Christmas?”
I’m sure the topic of “feedback” appears elsewhere. Now, if I can just find it …


Hi @Diggy we loved your fun topic … apologies that it got mixed up with a feedback subject, I’ve moved that conversation it would be great to hear from other members about …

“So how was your Christmas?”

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Thank you, Angela. Reviews definitely deserve their own post.

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We had a blast with them.
Got loads of pics.
Although we our having problems uploading them