Some home/pet-owners don't reply or even read messages! How rude!

Hello All,
I recently joined TrustedHousesitters and have had a great response quite quickly, as well as some great pet-sits so far which is really encouraging. However, I just wanted to mention my absolute dissatisfaction with the rudeness of a small percentage of home/pet owners. My experience is that on a number of occasions I compose lovely emails in regard to the possible care of their beloved pets…and they can’t even be bothered to reply…some don’t even read the message! I don’t have any problem with not being chosen for a sit (there are plenty to go for), but good grief…good manners don’t cost anything!

As pet-sitters we go through a rigorous verification process, and I’m sure the majority of us put/or want to put the care of these people’s pets first and foremost. It seems to me that house/pet owners should be given some etiquette advice in this area. It’s the only negative aspect I’ve encountered so far.

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