Someone Cancelled

Hello, I need some ideas about finding a last minute pet sitter. My sitter was due to arrive on Friday and cancelled last minute. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I’m supposed to be leaving on Saturday…not feeling hopeful.



if you state your location and dates, you might get more responses here.

Thanks @ElaineInDallas, I’m in Weatherford, TX. Dates are Oct 1 to Oct 31st.

If @Angela-HeadOfCommunity sees this she can arrange for your sit to be promoted on social media, if you’d like her to do that. I know that has really helped some people. I hope all goes well.

HI @dawnncatt I’m really sorry to hear about your sitter cancellation … as @Snowbird says we can share on our Social Channels, we will need your permission to do this, please Direct Message me. Have you relisted and reached out to your previous applicants? Also searching sitters in your area and reaching out to see if they are available can often get results.

Please advise Membership Services of the cancellation if you have not already done so, meanwhile I will pass this on to @Therese-Moderator who will connect with you when she is back online.

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity, how do I send a DM? Just started using forum today and I don’t know how to do that. Doesn’t come up when I searched for procedure.


Hi @dawnncatt and welcome to the Forum. There is a search function top right-hand side, and if you search Direct message you should get…

Not tech savvy! How to send a direct message

Good luck with getting a sitter at such short notice, sorry you have been let down, but the forum, and I’m sure the THS staff will do their best to help you.

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Hi @dawnncatt and thanks @Petermac … apologies for not explaining I have sent you a Direct Message please just respond directly.

@Petermac, got it, thank you.


Update @Petermac @Lassie @Snowbird @dawnncatt has found another sitter, she can leave for her vacation on Saturday … great news!!