"Spring Clean" Your Profile?

Good news listings are on the increase, there’s a promise of summer travel opportunities for owners and pets will be looking for you to keep them happy at home. With an unforgettable 2020 now in our rear view mirror and the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter, why not take this time to refresh your profile and give it a “Spring Clean”

Over this enforced “resting” period perhaps your pet sitting wish list has changed, you may have gained additional skills enhancing your potential as a sitter, or simply add some new photos.

Profiles are every sitters showcase and while there are owners who have not yet viewed your profile if, like mine, your profile was created a number of years ago, a refresh can only be a positive action to take and if you are a new sitter member who would like help creating your profile simply ask, here on the Forum or connect with one of our Membership Services Team.

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Done. More expériences as a sitter, less animals as an owner. A puppy who will be soon a young dog who does not take 3 meals per day but only 2 now…