Stand out elements in sitter applications?

I think different home hosts have different reasons that they choose a particular sitter - and I think the word ‘choose’ is important here as they are choosing one not rejecting the others. For this reason, we never feel upset or rejected when not chosen.

The secret, I feel is to make your application as detailed as possible. You have just one chance to sell yourself and to stand out from the rest. As you don’t really know what the home host is looking for be sure to include as much varied information as possible to try and connect with the home host and what they are looking for.

It will be impossible to get it right every time as all home hosts have a different criteria - Our application is long, probably too long for some home hosts yet a sit we applied for responded with -
“We’ve read through your incredibly detailed application and are very impressed. In fact, we’re so impressed that we’d love to ask you to sit for us.”

Talk about yourself, your interests other than animals, your love of animals, their pets , anything specific in their listing that you can connect to? Always refer to them, and their pets by name - sometimes reading other sitters feedback can give you the information you can use to make the connection

I mention in our application that I am vegetarian, this may be of no interest to many yet when the home host of the sit we are currently on responded she said -
“Thank you for your application. I am about to speak with another prospective sitter - I have to say your being vegetarian is an added bonus ! I am a lifelong veggie as is all my family”.

At the end of the day, it is the luck of the draw, you win some and you lose some. It is always disappointing when you don’t get chosen for a sit you really wanted but there will always be another one around the corner with your name on it. :grinning: