Stars rate system

Owners (and sitters too) may rate other members

If a sitter has got for several sits 5 stars in the 5 categories (organized, reliable, self sufficient, tidy, pet care) , when this average will change if some owner (or sitter) gives only 4 stars or less ? How the average is made ? Automatically ? By some THS member of staff ?

i feel quite concerned as so far I’d got 5 stars (as a sitter 9 times and as an owner too) but yesterday an owner gave me only 4 stars for the organized topic

All that because i asked him to send me again a mail i had not received previously in my personal mail box on my PC, although it had appeared on my mobile mail box.

And again 2 days later I asked him to send his mail on another mail box (gmail this time to avoid any further problem) when I could not open his PDF files on my mobile (files which vanished when I tried to transfer them on my PC). He prefered to send me his instructions than filling the homebook.

This sit lasted only 3 days. I really think it’s quite harsh to judge my " organization" when Windowslivemail fails ! But I’m scared now my stars rate decreases…

@Provence without wanting to dismiss your concerns, I think we can get to caught up in this rating system…I think its quite clear that both HOs and sitters do not always leave honest reviews/feedback which to my thinking means that the system is not fit for purpose. If a HO/sitter gets consistently a 2/3 star rating then that might raise some red flags but even then you would also want to read between the lines on comments made…we can’t always ‘click’ with people despite our best efforts and a person who is 2 star rated on one sit (HO or sitter) might very well be 5 star rated on the next…its all very arbitary! PLease don’t be disheartened…HOs looking at your reviews are unlikely to be swayed away from accepting you from what you describe. Its worth keeping in mind that there are lots of HOs who due to covid have not had a break for quite some time and if you regularly check for available sits, you will certainly be snapped up by one of them. Happy travels.


@carpediem @Provence I agree. I once got an excellent review, but got no stars - the HO didn’t see them. And on another sit I only got 4 stars under the “tidy” option. The HO own cleaner had been the day before they returned, so I don’t know where they got that from :wink:
Not something to get all unpset about.


@Provence We’ve been in a similar situation where something out of our control or something that was misunderstood caused a 4 star rating in one of the sub categories. We chatted with the owner and eventually the misunderstanding was resolved. However, they did not return and update the original rating they gave us (not fully aware if that’s possible on a homeowners side?, although changing a review isn’t possible on the sitters side).

Fortunately, the overall review from the owner is still 5 stars and it didn’t affect our overall rating. Fingers crossed that is the same result for you as well.

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No, owners can’t change anything once they have sent a review. With my 2 caps, owner and sitter, i know.

Hi @ScrewTheAverage @Provence if an owner makes an error on the star rating, which has happened, this can and will be amended by Membership Services but they will need a request sent by the owner from their registered email address.

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Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager

In the grand scheme of things we’re not worried about that review at this point. :slight_smile:

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