Stop the duplicates

I have been receiving many duplicate alerts on my phone for my saved searches.

How do I make it stop?

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Hello @HelloOutThere - I am happy to help, I am just not 100% sure what you mean so just to clarify are you receiving the same saved search notification multiple times (eg all at the exact same time), or are you receiving the same notification several times over a period of time. If it’s the latter then it could be that the owners are declining the applicants and the listing is becoming new again so you are getting notified again. The good news is this means these sits are still available.
There are some saved search treads which I believe discuss this and I will share them when I find them.
Also, the latter saved search repetition has been feedback to the product team.
If it is the first issue please DM me and we can get tech to have a look at your account.
Thank you