Struggling with Finding Sitters

Fair point on Covid. I’ll remove it and hope that concurrently TH improves its game. I would be happy not to be able to account for an improvement in securing sitters. FYI, to me being current on all boosters is “fully vaccinated,” but at this point, doesn’t matter, I guess.

@AnneOak An explanation of the sitters calendar:
white dates: not available
slashed dates: house sit booked through TH
blue dates: available
The calendar is not user friendly or even self explanatory when the HO is looking for a sitter.
TH needs to up their game. They are still “working on” several items, including the calendar, that have been complained about for years. I don’t know what the answer is, but they really need to get themselves together.


@AnneOak I certainly can’t “100% guarantee an onslaught of applications”!! But I think removing that requirement will probably help! I can only say that I, myself, would not apply for a sit where vaccination is required. Infact when I looked at your listing that lined lept out at me and I did not read any further!
And since you have now accepted a non- vaxxed sitter I guess its really not essential for you any more anyway! :blush:

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The simplest answer would be a key next to the Calendar that explains what each colour means .
This has been suggested before -


Hi @Shella_in_the_Forum. Ah, Oakland. My aunt used to live near Chinatown. And I went to Cal. Go Bears! :sweat_smile:

Regarding invitations, I think the probability of someone inviting you from your wishlist is low, simply statistically. But one hack I’ve seen is that a sitter may change their listed location to a desired city, so that it pops up in a PP’s local search. Of course, the sitter will have made a note on their profile explaining their actual location. In your case, you could rotate between your four desired cities.

And of course, you could write in your profile your wishlist of cities and constraints (2+ weeks, etc.). You probably know already, but if you favorite a listing, the PP will see it (if premium, I think). But that combined with a little paragraph in your profile might be enough to get that invitation. Good luck!



Wow! That’s crazy! white dates without a slash mean “not available?” That would explain my struggle to find available sitters! That is really not intuitive…though it is explained in the Help section of the TH site. I didn’t think to look. Would be helpful to have a legend on the calendar, I think.

What is strange is that when I click “find a sitter” and put in relevant dates, then look at the calendars of sitters that come up, they have white dates showing in the area that I used for a filter–no blue dates as would be expected when filtering for sitter availability.

I did find a sitter in the end; her availability now has slashes on the dates she’ll sit for me. But, as with many “features” of TH, this should be reviewed for usability and improved.

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Soooo well articulated. I love THS, the concept and the opportunities it has given me. IN SPITE of the kludgy sotware.

Hi there, have worked through your instructions to get the profile onto the Forum but cannot work out if it is there, help ! can someone check for me please…is there anything else I need to do. Had 1 application yesterday only to be withdrawn after 20 minutes !
Ever hopeful !

@Skyepie yes well done you have linked it :clap:

Excellent ! If any of you have feedback on how to attract Sitters I would be very grateful :pray:

How adorable Skye is! One thing you’d might like to add is how long can Skye be left alone?

Great thanks

@Skyepie Skye is absolutely adorable!! And Midhurst is a lovely town- we did a sit there last summer.
Your sit looks & sounds very welcoming and if we were in the UK at that time we might well apply! I see you had one sitter already but she left no feedback- 1st sitter feedback is always super helpful. I clicked on her profile to see what review you gave her but her profile pic is not ‘clickable’ I wonder if she is no longer active? If its still possible to get feedback from her it could help you attract your next sitter.
But even so I think with nearly 3 months to go you still have plenty of time to find the perfect sitter. We are booked till end of September (in Spain) and have not booked further ahead just yet. Many sitters don’t book too far ahead. Don’t worry- you have time!

Hi thanks ! The 1st sitter to be honest wasnt a great success she didnt leave the house very clean so thats why i didnt give her a review.
Ever hopeful :smiling_face:

@Skyepie I’m sorry to hear your first sitter was disappointing- I hope you have better luck next time! Future sitters will not see you did not review her as she appears to be no longer active so they can’t click on her profile. But fir your ref- did she have previous reviews? Its always a good sign if there is a positive track record. Sitters will only see that she did not give feedback so you may be asked about how that sit went. No feedback, especially if its the only previous sit, is often viewed with suspicion. Be honest about her failings! And also about your expectations!


Hi thx for that. No she didnt have any reviews it was the first and by the sound of it last time she has done sitting. I will be honest !

@EvieJ high from a Queenslander. We did full time sitting in the UK from November last year to April this year. We also wanted to do the slow travel from Cornwall to Scotland without too much back tracking all over the UK as we relied on public transport to get around. It took 12 months to plan our itinerary and book sits (we never got the south to north ultimate itinerary) and we had the same conundrum as you. Do we book flights or the sits first? Finally, we had to make a call and just booked our flights in June 2022 for a 24 November 2022 departure, due to rising prices, and we only had a few sits booked at that time. We then just kept chipping away at booking sits until we had all 11 sits booked before we left Australia. The big learning was that we didn’t have to pre book all our sits before we left Australia as there are so many UK home owners looking for sitters that you are spoiled for choice. Many HO advertise only a month out from their travel dates too.

My advice is to book your flights, allow for a couple of days in your own accommodation on arrival to recover, book your first 2-3 sits before you leave Australia and find more in the UK when you get there.


Hey there Crookie
Great to hear from you and all the great tips. :+1:. I almost expected that’s what might happen. I expect it will be a juggle. I really want to spend a bit of time based in Cornwall and The Cotswalds and Yorkshire with a visit to The Chelsea Flower Show so anywhere else will be a bonus. Seems like the cost of hiring a vehicle will be a real killer. We are flying to Sydney in about 10 days and I thought we’d train to Newcastle then hire a car to drive to Mooloolah Valley where we’ll be staying with friends but the rates are just ludicrous and we’d have to return the car to Newcastle :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t3: Have been looking for sits at Coffs Harbour, Macquarie Heads etc, but nothing lining up. Also as we’ve never done it before we don’t have any references so that might not help much. Anyway, thanks for your advice. We’re looking forward to our trip North. Bit chilly here :wink:


@MeMyselfandI, I hope you state you “opinion” and preference in your listing. I would want to know this in advance of considering a sit for you.

Dear Shella ! U are the purrfect cat lady !!! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:Im glad to see that u are booked till february 2024 !! :star_struck::clap:Keep in touch for further visits / sittings !! Take care !!