System issue when declining a sit

@Therese @Jenny @Carla - please pass these two points along to the appropriate departments.

Steps when decling a sit
I received an invitation to do a sit. The information showed the usually options to check for accept (or maybe it’s apply) or decline.

I intended to decline the sit, but first send a reply. I’ve always done it in that order. Today, once I’d sent my reply, the check option had changed to only apply, with the usual message about steps when applying. If we need to select decline before adding a message, that should be clear at that first stage.

As an aside, also have spelling corrected on this
notification (received) - this is English 101 and basic proofreading.


I’ll get that passed over to the team for you @Snowbird - thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Thanks for pointing this out @Snowbird. Like you, I have always sent a message first, and then clicked Decline afterwards. That way I knew the message had been sent as there were often issues with messages disappearing when sent at the same time as another action. I am now forewarned of this issue if I need to decline an Invite.


That’s exactly what I do @Debbie. Send the message and decline afterwards. Never together.