Tea or Coffee?

I LOVE Vietnamese coffee! Hot or cold!

And I’ve been to parts of China but not Hong Kong - I would totally try Yuenyeung :smiley:


Sweet dreams is especially really good :yum:

In the U.S., various boba tea (or bubble tea) places have been adding it to their drinks. Lovely color and some places get fancier and layer the drinks, so you get graduated or stark color changes.

Like so:


Oh I know, I’m very much into this trend.


I love this topic!

I’m definitely a coffee person. Have coffee first thing in the morning and then I tend not to have anymore during the day if I’m at work to avoid getting too “hyper”, however I must admit that most of the times I end up having a decaf one to at least trick my brain. I love the taste, mainly in italian pot or french press. No milk or sugar. I’m Spanish and must admit that I tend to struggle finding good coffee around here in the UK. :sweat_smile:

Since moved to the UK, though, love Yorkshire tea and although I used to like herbal tea in the past, now at work I tend to have a couple of cups a day. Just with a tiny bit of oat milk, and no sugar. My colleagues at work (most of them British) are all day having tea and biscuits, and I simply can be no different. :joy:


@v96carla ahh yes it has to be Yorkshire Gold
:coffee: :+1:t2::blush:

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Don’t tempt me @mars - now that I’ve seen @Maggie8K’s suggestion of Vietnamese coffee, I’m desperate to try it!

@Samox24 if you like Yorkshire Gold, you’ll love the tea from Betty’s Tearoom! Have you ever been there? I buy their treat boxes for my Mum and Dad on their birthday, and they’re obsessed with the tea! :rofl:

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Hi @Jenny Yes I’ve been to Betty’s Tearoom many times, it’s an institution and the tea and cakes are fab! :coffee::cake::blush:

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I thought you might have been! I’ve never been there in person, but the cakes they sell via their website are certainly wonderful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My current host told me that a previous sitter bought her an electric kettle as a gift. So I owe that sitter my thanks, too. I’ve been here 1.5 days and have already made multiple pots of tea with that kettle, LOL.

Today, because my host invited me to stay a couple of days ahead of my sit starting, I visited a museum. Before leaving, I went to the museum cafe and bought for takeaway slices of cake, a scone and a couple of sandwiches, so I could have afternoon tea at my sit home. Happily, the kettle was of service again.


Took my sit dog sightseeing and a tea shop near the University of Glasgow was among our explorations. They loved on her and she drank up — water, not tea.

I bought a few things to take home to the U.S.

There also was a patisserie nearby — great for afternoon tea.


Lovely photos @Maggie8K - Bird&Blend make the most wonderful teas! What did you get from the patisserie?

Your sit dog is absolutely adorable as well. Reminds me of my Auntie’s old dog “Dippy” (full name Diplodocus - named by a 10 year old!) who was a sweet girl.


Dippy is such an adorable name.

Got the meringue one and a cup of tea. One of the tradeoffs with sightseeing with a dog is not drinking pots and pots of tea, because I don’t want to leave her on bathroom breaks. (Sorry, TMI.)

The tea shop was so cute and I wanted to take home many more teas, but suitcase space, argh. The people there were super nice.

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Stopping over at Heathrow today on the way home to the U.S., from Scotland.

I always try to schedule enough layover to have an unhurried meal and buffer for possible travel delays. Lately, at Heathrow, have been going to Fortnum & Mason for a bite, with tea of course.

If you eat or drink there, you get 10 percent off at the nearby F&M store.

Besides tea, the cocktails are good — they use their own preserves as ingredients. Like today I also had a drink like a Negroni, which included F&M’s grapefruit preserves.

Love the F&M store’s holiday window displays:


This might be of interest to tea fans:

The 4 Best Electric Kettles of 2024 | Reviews by Wirecutter.

Just going to put it out there for @Maggie8K et al when purveying great British teas…this is a hidden welsh gem that knocks Yorkshire tea off the pedestal ….:raised_hands:t3::heart:

#worthatry #soundsscottishbutitswelsh :wales:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Thanks, @Cuttlefish. I’ll look for that tea!

I just got an order of these, which I discovered while in Scotland. LOVE them.

I ordered them before I left for my current sit, in Seattle, and they’re waiting for me at home, yum. Maybe I’ll find that tea in time to have both together!


@Maggie8K Oh I love those biscuits too… they are so delicious!! :yum:

Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


They’re amazing! Perfect crunch, good thick bitter chocolate….great choice :raised_hands:t3::scotland:


@Maggie8K Ooh dark chocolate gingers, my favourite!