TeamTrusted's 2.6 Challenge For Charity

Friday TeamTrusted took the 2.6 Challenge an initiative to help UK charities whose fundraising activities have almost come to a standstill because of COVID

Sharing some of the creative ways they helped raise funds for their chosen charities

Mathew Prior CEO …
Performed an original masterpiece about two margarines accompanied on the guitar by himself (who knew we had such a musical talent!) Charity: Guide Dogs For The Blind

Paul Maisey Head of Membership Services & Forum
"2.6 measures of gin in this beauty :lemon: + 2.6 Elbow Bends
Charity: Brain & Spine Foundation :heart:

Martin Poole CMO … Best friend Oscar took him for a run Charity: Raystede
Screenshot 2020-11-07 at 15.41.51

We can’t get everyone in (word limitation) so our lovely Danielle … (who rode her bike for 2.6 klm) will post on the blog …Charity: Raystede
Screenshot 2020-11-07 at 15.44.56