Terrible sitter who has 5 stars

A few months back I had a couple sit for me that I thought was going to be perfect. All their sits had 5 stars so I felt real comfortable with them. Boy was I mistaken!. It turned out that they were terrible by lying to me about giving my dogs their medicine (which I found in the trash bin), throwing their dog food away. Leaving them outside for long periods of time (they damaged my back door) when I instructed them not to do this. They were late sleepers and by the time they woke up in the mornings my dogs had messed all over the house.

I keep trying to forget it, however I am worried they might do something like this to other animals.

Any advice? I have been with THS for years and 85% of my sitters are fabulous and we have become very close friends.

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Write this in your review.

Edit: I now see that this was “a few months back”. But anyway, it would have been the obvious thing to do. If they wrote a review of you, you could still leave a response to that.

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@Cruizn - Did you contact member services to raise your concerns at the time ? There are a couple of things you could have done about this at the time :

  1. Leave an honest , factual ,non-emotional review about the sit.

  2. Make an official complaint about the sitter to member services.
    TrustedHousesitters' Member Disputes Process | TrustedHousesitters.com

However if you haven’t done this already you have left it too late as a review has to be done within 14 days of end of the sit and a member dispute has to be raised within 30 days of the sit ending .

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