The advantages of THS

Describe your here; I’ll kick off . . .

After three years of pampering pooches I now have an amazing collection of poo bags rescued from my pockets :joy:


ADVENTURES! We feel like we’re going on one each sit we do :smiley::heart_eyes:


Two and four legged friends .around the world, some for life.

Trustedhousesitters has given me THE BEST job in the world for the past 12 years …

On a daily basis I connect with our unique and amazing community, many now close friends.
I can work anywhere that’s internet compatible
I am part of an incredible team of caring, passionate, talented and dedicated professionals

The BIGGEST advantage for me (many others too) … Animals, animals, animals!!!
I’ve wanted to work with animals all of my life, I finally achieved my life’s ambition :dog: :cat: :horse: :rooster:

Pets, people & places … My THS Mantra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What everyone else has said (including the poo bag collection. So glad I’m not the only one with that tendency!) My add: a bank account that still has money in it even after all the traveling we’ve done!


We get to visit our families without having to sleep in my childhood bedroom or on the couch (or stress our bank account) while caring for sweet pets.


We get to travel at least twice as much we would without THS.

It scratches the pet itch because we miss our pets when we are away.

We’ve made new friends in other countries.

We have lived in places we might not have seen otherwise.

I’ve been able to try out all sorts of different kitchen layouts and types of appliances and figure out what I like best.

We get to try out different breeds of dogs that we might not have considered getting.

I’m sure I could think of more.


I travel more too! Thanks to THS.

I have made new friends.

I have seen other parts of my city.

I have met some beautiful animals I was sad to leave.


Becoming apart of an awesome community filled with fellow pet and travel enthusiasts! Meeting the cutest pets and enjoying their company.


@Southernsitter ditto and without having to do “children’s” cooking or cleaning!

When we need to “escape” we have a very genuine reason for leaving … “Pets come first” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


International housesitting has massively expanded my language skills.

Without them I would never have learnt how to say “a*al glands” (the full word is apparently not allowed on here) in Spanish or “she’s in heat” in German :joy:

And this pic is very accurate too. Left: normal people checking their pockets before a wash. Right: us! :joy:


Making new friends from all around tge world!


My hobby for Interior Design gets all sorts of ideas, some good, mostly bad, during each sit.
We get to live in someone elses interior design ideas and really get a solid idea of good and bad trends in decor and design (just a perc of THS).

And we get to fall in love, again and again . . .


What’s its’ recall like ? :joy:

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We’re just about to go to our first sit, super excited to have walks with dogs again :slight_smile:


The fastest I’ve ever seen :joy::turtle::dash:

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A huge sense of community after many years of house sitting. Life long friends made, and being so appreciated that they arrange their holidays around our schedules.
Travelling full time and getting to enjoy so many pets and farm animals, enjoy gardening and experiencing different countries like a local. Perfect!


I constantly have poo bags in every pocket - including my PJs!


Exactly. Know the feeling.

I luv this pic SO much! I’d add my purse (ugh, the crumbs), a box in the trunk, the ones I found while undressing and put ontop of my dresser, can’t even count how often my partner has laughed when treats, that I stashed earlier, fall out of my bra (or are stuck to my chest) while undressing :rofl: