The fun and value of a pet rescue

Rescuing a pet is like discovering a hidden treasure chest filled with boundless joy and enchantment. It’s a magical journey where the wag of a tail or the purr of a kitten can transport you to a world of whimsy and wonder. When you rescue a pet, you invite a mischievous fairy into your life, sprinkling it with love and laughter. Your home becomes a playground of spontaneous cuddles, epic adventures, and hilarious antics. Each day is filled with delightful surprises, like finding a sneaky paw peeking out from under the couch or a mischievous feline perched atop the bookshelf. Rescuing a pet is like opening a door to a fantastical realm where happiness frolics and where you become the hero in a story of unconditional love and magical companionship.

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Rescuing a pet is, in my opinion, the only option. I cannot ever even imagine paying a puppy breeder for a sweet, yet expensive, puppy when there are so many sad and lonely furballs living in shelters, on the streets, or sometimes even worse!


Years ago after I learned what a puppy mill was and how the mothers were having puppies over and over again, I decided to never buy a puppy from a store. There’s just so many unwanted pets who need love

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Hi @IHeartAnimals thank you for sharing how that knowledge helped inform you and change your behavior.

Education and being aware is how we will make a difference in the lives of animals and those who make lifelong commitments to their care and well being


I do wish more people would take on rescue cats and dogs rather than buying kittens and puppies.

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