The "Golden" Effect

Thank you Betty “Golden Girl” White

“Once someone has had the good fortune to share a true love affair with a Golden Retriever, one’s life and one’s outlook is never quite the same.”- Betty White

I’ve never been "owned’ by one, Golden Retriever that is … but have been lucky enough to sit some very special ones …
Biscuit, Larkin, Dexter, Peggy, Winston ++ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :


Have you seen the meme going around trying to get people to donate $5 to the animal charity of their choice in her honor on her 100th bday? I’m doing that and am offering matching donations up to $100 total for anyone who sends me confirmation of their donation. My and matching funds will go to the bansko street dogs project i’ve mentioned before.

so if anyone wants to make a donation in her honor, message me with a confirmation and i’ll match the funds. :slight_smile:


Hi @CreatureCuddler thank you for your kindness and generosity and for sharing news of the #BettyWhiteChallenge … look towards your DM box tomorrow :wink:

For anyone who wants to know more about the shelter fund raising drive in honor of this remarkable lady on what would have been her 100th birthday please follow the link …

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Just said goodbye to Hero, gorgeous Golden Retriever I’ve been sitting for over Christmas and New Year