The location of my house is not correct


Ever since I’ve joined THS as a home owner I’ve been uncomfortable with the fact that the site does not have the location of my village. It says I’m located in a village about half a mile from where I am and the two villages could not be more different. I always explain to prospective sitters where we are actually located, but I feel that I’m advertising falsely and people apply based on the advert of the village and not my actual village. Other than putting something in my advert and telling applicants, what else can I do? Can THS align my address to it’s actual location?

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HI @LizH will go back and recheck this with the team but in the past when this has come up the explanation has been it’s a Google issue and not something within our control, however I will check again and get you an explanation.

Hi @LizH this is a issue with the location Database, could you let me know the name of your village please?

Hi I live in Thurcroft which is S66, the location comes up as Brampton-en-le-Morthen which is also S66 and about 1/2 mile -3/4 mile up the road from me. They are two very different villages in character :slight_smile:

Hi Angela, I believe you are intending these messages to go to LizH :slight_smile:

Thank you @liz edited and sent to the right Liz …

Would ‘What Three Words’ (app) help?
A HO recently sent me his location down to the square metre using this app.