The Sit That Nearly Didn't Happen

"The sit that nearly didn’t happen" or how one owner member’s small mistake inspired her sitter to apply determined problem solving skills to save the day …

Marcie, Aprile, Cabby & Tig’s story underlining the need to always share accurate information.

We know our sitters are dedicated to giving the very best care to pets and homes but have you had a situation which required you to use your initiative and engage problem solving skills?

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This is a great story of dedication. It also brings an important lesson that we should always reconfirm the address with the owner. I had not even thought about it not being correct. Also, wouldn’t the homeowner’s address be on file at THS? If not, perhaps that should be a required confidential area for all members.

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This is a special emergency case. Why THS could not help Aprile ? I guess they had the right adress ??

Unfortunately @Provence due to COVID we were compelled to reduce the Membership Support Team and work across reduced hours. At the time Aprile was traveling to the sit, located in the US, there was no live MS available. Significantly too, the owner was at a temporary address not their registered one, neither was the owner contactable.

This does underline the need to check that all relevant details communicated between sitter and owner is up to date and correct.

Hi @Southernsitter thank you, Aprile really did show amazing dedication and resolve.

The owner was at a temp address and not the permanent one registered on their account.