The Sunday Supplement : Favourite Sit?

I was contacted by a previous owner yesterday to ask if I was available during the summer to do a repeat sit. Not the same dog, sadly he had passed, but a new dog. I am not available this year, but it got me thinking.

The sit is in Hongkong.

I have said several times recently that I would probably never return, due to the current political situation there. But I have been a few times, two very different house sits, and I do love it.

The first one, mentioned above, was 2 months in an apartment 40 floors up a high-rise overlooking Aberdeen Harbour. Amazing views of that part of the city, some days even above the clouds. Experienced a typhoon, heatwave, torrential rain. The apartment was only a short walk to the MTR station so I could be in the centre of the city in about 20 minutes, for only a couple of $$. I was there back in June 2019 when the first of the big protest marches happened – over a million people walked past the pub I was sitting in that Sunday afternoon.

The second sit was on Lamma Island, in late January 2020.
I arrived from Singapore, and even then there was talk about some strange" virus” going about. Most of the passengers were Chinese Singaporeans heading home for the Chinese New Year. And almost all were wearing masks.

In the city, on the day I arrived, it was relatively normal. Chinese and a lot of Asians in the cities will were masks normally on public transport, so it really was nothing different. But within a week everyone was wearing masks, announcements at the stations, posters in shop windows, masks sold out everywhere, and if you could get them, they cost a fortune.

But the sit.

Lamma Island is about a 20-minute ferry trip from HK. Every 40 minutes or so. Lamma is described as car-free, however, there is a fleet of this quadbike kind of things, some adapted for different functions, darting about the narrow lanes and steep inclines. No motorbikes or scooters. So you walk or cycle.

Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 08.35.33

The home was about a 15-minute walk from the village, up a steep slope, so it was best to remember to get milk before you head home! Lovely local house. I had the top floor apartment, with a massive roof terrace, overlooking the bay and further to mainland China.

The dog. Daisy. An Australian something, not quite sure what. Kind of hairy greyhound (dog breed) A big, lanky, galloping bundle of fun. The owner met me off the ferry and I knew instantly we were going to have a great time.

There are so many walks around Lamma. On one side of the island from the main village, Yung Shue Wan, you can walk for miles along the narrow tracks into the hills, or along the coast to a couple of amazing beaches.

A lovely view to the left

Not so good to the right! Massive coal-fired power station.

There is a great hike across the top of the Island, which takes a couple of hours, to the second largest village, Mo Tat Wan. This is a bit quieter, mostly fishing boats and seafood restaurants. There are also ferries to this village from HK and Aberdeen harbour.
Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 08.54.20
Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 08.56.01
Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 08.55.39

So my Favorite sit?.
Such a difficult decision, but this is definitely in my top 5. Location :heavy_check_mark: home :heavy_check_mark: pet :heavy_check_mark:

We walked miles! In fact, wait, I’ll check my phone… Between the 20th of January and the 2nd of February 2020, I walked 250,000 steps, 180km. Not bad. Some of that was walking around HK city, but mostly on Lamma with Daisy.

I had planned to stay in HK for a few days at the end of the sit, but I got an email from my airline on Sunday night asking me if I wanted to take an earlier flight, no additional fee, due to this virus thingy, so I flew back to Singapore on an airbus a320 with about 30 other people, fully masked. And then the madness began.

Will I go back to HK again in the future? Never say never.

Maybe I will do a feature on my other 4 top sits in the next few weeks, but not a countdown, that would be an impossible choice.

What is your Favorite sit and why?


This is so interesting and a great post thank you @Petermac I do have a question … how did Lamma Island get it’s name and how big is it?


Ah, now that’s interesting…
Lamma Island was named Lamma only because of a chart reading error by Alexander Dalrymple in the 1760s . He had acquired a Portuguese chart to the entrances to the Pearl River and, close to the west of the island, the Portuguese owner had written “Lama”

It is only about 13.5 square miles, so you can walk from one end to the other in a few hours, and has a population of around 7,000. It is or was a favourite location for ex-pats to live, and got very expensive pre covid. A popular tourist location for day trips, it can get very busy on weekends and public holidays as it is so close to Hongkong.


I just googled “supplement” to make sure I had used the right term - I have.

“Supplement - an unashamed collection of old tosh cobbled together to make money for the publisher.”


I have a couple. My first one will always live in my heart and every time I’m in Edinburgh I’m tempted to pop by the house to see the doggos because I loved them so much. But I’m not sure if that would be sweet or psycho. Sometimes there’s a fine line. :slight_smile:

The dogs were Maisy and Mr Pickles and they were just the best. We had lovely wandering walks along the river where Mr Pickles would run far ahead and everyone around me would laugh has I called him back, because who wouldn’t laugh at that name. We liked to walk to the pub and have a pint on a sunny day (and it was a beautiful summer in scotland, you could tell because all the locals were sunburnt).

Then there was Pepper in Kensington. I was not thrilled about her mom’s chipper “she loves her quick 5 am walk”, but early morning walks are par for the course as a dog sitter. I needn’t have worried because I think mom liked the 5 am walk. Pepper had NO desire to get out of bed before 9 am and a couple times I basically had to shove her out so we could get a walk in when I had lunch plans. She snored at night and liked to roll up in the blankets until she was a burrito with only her head or butt poking out.


Then there was Benny. He DID like his 5 am, but only wanted to eat. So, I took to sleeping with a packet of food and his bowl in my bedside table so I could feed him early in the am as the stairs were very steep in that house, and treacherous for the half awake (he had two areas of the house where he got food, this wasn’t weird). When he decided it was time for me to get up and do my job, he’d sit on the pillow next to me and start inching closer until we were basically nose to nose and then he’d start petting my face until i did his bidding. Sadly, Benny died during my sit. :frowning:


Then there’s Floh, who’s probably my favorite dog ever sat for. She was just the best. Super sweet, smart, fun to play with, loved a cuddle. I wanted to keep her. Her siblings were lovely too and we all had tons of cuddles. The sit itself had a few problems, but the animals made it worth it.



I had a dog of my own like Pepper years ago, he would often be found in my bed, under the duvet. Hated the cold weather.
A year or so before he died I bought my big caravan in Aviemore, he loved the summer there, sunbathing, it can be the hottest place in the UK, but hated the winter where it is also the coldest - from 30 degrees to -20 !!
Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 15.13.09


Thanks Peter. Daisy looks gorgeous and that really much have been a fabulous sit.