They called her Lola she was a showgirl!

Well not a showgirl but a very plucky little three-legged English Bulldog who I had the pleasure of looking after a couple of times a few years ago. Lola was always up for an adventure and we rode the bus all over London; she was a hit with everybody we met and would take me down to the bus stop on Tower Bridge Road at any opportunity. Then the HOs moved to Arnos Grove and one day we took the bus to the main shopping street where I spied a little Irish pub that looked worth a visit. We stepped inside ‘Can I bring a dog in?’ The woman behind the bar shouted down to the cellar ‘There’s a chap wants to bring a dog in!’ A voice from the cellar ‘Is it an Irish Wolfhound?’ ‘No its a three-legged English Bulldog who is thirsty!’ ‘Well why didnt you say’ says a little Irish man in a tweed jacket and a cloth cap sitting at the bar. He shouts down to cellar ‘Seamus the poor wee doggie is expiring for lack of a dram be a good man and let her in!’ SO they let us in and the good natured banter went around the bar with Lola holding centre stage. It turned out she just loved Guiness so she might have had abit of Irish Wolfhound in her after all!


Aww she’s gorgeous!

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A sweet and adorable story, @carpediem.

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What a fab story @carpediem thank you for sharing a smile.

@Paul-Admin has a bulldog called Dolly … I’m not sure her tipple of choice is Guiness though … she more a Crystal kind of girl

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@Angela-CommunityManager Ahhh VERY cute!

@mars thank you…a lovely little dog to be sure to be sure!

@Lindsay yes thank you

What a lovely post! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Smiley thank you…yes a special little dog…very plucky…well loved by everybody she meets!