Things you've bought on a long term sit

What have you gotten during your long sit?
I have 11 weeks left. Got a great stationary bike brand new at an unbelievable price.
Asked the HO, told her she could keep it when I leave.
She was thrilled!


3 toasters! I fly to most sits, so if I am there a month or two I get a toaster if none there.
I have also bought a couple of harnesses for dogs, easier to walk sometimes, making my life easier, and a soft muzzle in Hong Kong - large dogs are meant to be walked with them, and the one they had was the basket type, and the dog hated it.
Oh and I have done a sit 4 times now in Bali, 2 small dogs, so last time I got a double lead, much easier. The HO was delighted.


@Amparo @Petermac nothing so grand in my case… a can opener as I have been to so many sits now where they don’t seem to have one! Happy travels


Very considerate of you, @Provence .

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