Third parties

No worries @Wildcolonialgirl - I’ve withdrawn my request for them to reach out to you and I noticed on another thread that you were in touch with the owners as well.

Totally agree. Perfectly put

What was the outcome of this @MarieHuggins ?

I am interested to know what happened because I reported a similar listing a week ago . The homeowner stated that a third party lives in the flat and goes on to say that as the third party will be there they maybe able to help out with some of the dog walking during the stay (so the sitter can have a day out occasionally)!!!
This clearly breaks the no third party rule . I was told by member services that they have “reached out to the member” . However a week on and the listing hasn’t been pulled or amended .:woman_shrugging:t2:
@Sam_F has there been a change of policy are third parties ( lodgers ) now permitted to stay in the home during a sit ?

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Never heard back @Silversitters

Hello @Silversitters, Sam is normally online during the weekends so I am happy to help. There have been no updates to the third-party rule in the T&Cs. Thank you for reporting the listing, feel free to follow up with Membership Services or DM me the listing link and I can share it.

@MarieHuggins I to follow up on this for you as I passed it back to the team last time for you. I can see that the Membership Services team replied to you on the 8th Dec 2023, did you get that email?

Maybe it was in your junk or somewhere? In summary, it mentioned that the listing was temporarily removed pending the response from the owner and depending on what the owner responded, the appropriate action would be taken. Membership Services do not always follow up with what was discussed and agreed upon with the owner, if that is something you would like to know more about please feel free to reply to the email or reach back out if you are unable to locate it.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


@MarieHuggins Why are you shocked?! It appears that, despite the unusual circumstances, everybody had a good time!! And the sitter gave a good review! Hopefully he/she received a good review too! Sometimes ‘things happen’!!


Which part did you find shocking, @MarieHuggins?

Seems like the hosts followed through with their commitment and the thsitter was agreed.

The names and locations sound very similar to the nightmare sit we did where the owner was eventually removed from the platform. I could well imagine that staying for the duration of the sit with the sitter could be exactly the kind of boundary-crossing and chaotic thing that owner might do. I’ve sent you a direct message to see it’s the same owner with a new profile.

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Hello everyone,

This is just a polite reminder that the recent post containing a screenshot of someone’s review was flagged. The posting terms state that you can not share copies of anyone else’s profile or listing, including reviews. Feel free to check them out here Thank you :slight_smile:

Apologies @Carla , I wasn’t aware of this.
Not sure why I’m being lambasted by some members, when this is clearly a breach of the 3rd party rules. Reading between the lines, the sitter was not happy but as she was travelling from overseas, I suspect she had no alternative.

No worries at all @MarieHuggins there are lots of guidelines to remember. The community and team are always on hand to help. Third-party issues should not be happening. Thank you for drawing attention to this. Feel free to report anything to Membership Services they will be happy to look into it.

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Can you remind me how I contact them please?

Oh sorry, yes of course. You can email them at or use the help desk link here :smiling_face:


I just wanted to add some extra things to be aware of with third parties.

Look out for them coming over on your last day before the owners come home. They could mess up the cleaning that you did. The owner could blame you for their mess. Take photos of how clean you left the home.


But why would they do this?

Who knows? I had a mystery when the HO found the cordless Dyson broken and partially disassembled. I had left before they arrived. Neither of us know what happened. But there were others that had access.

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Sorry, I don’t mean deliberately messing up the cleaning, but using areas and things that you cleaned.