Thread closed again

The thread about pausing applications is closed once more but there really isn’t a specific reason given.

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity you don’t really give a reason for the closure of this mega thread, may I ask why it’s closed?

There is limited coverage all the time so why is this weekend different?

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It appears that it was getting a bit contentious, yet again.


@SandC I believe that Angela has clearly defined ‘limited’ in relation to the usual coverage of the forum.

Forum members: Please respect that the topic of pausing is closed until Monday. Please discontinue conversation of this topic here until this post can be closed by Angela. Thank you.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

Thank you @Snowbird

@SandC as @Snowbird has said the reason is clearly defined in the Closed Post Admin Notice. … We have a limited number of Moderators available over the next 48 hours unlike our normal coverage.

The topic will reopen on Monday and this topic will now be closed.

Thank you.