Three cats in a tiny house saying hello

Hey, everybody! My name is Angela and I live in the suburbs of Dallas in a THOW (tiny house on wheels) with my three cats, Isaac, Schrodinger, and Wolfie in a lovely and safe RV park!

I heard about THS at a vipassana meditation retreat from a woman who was traveling the summer sitting! I was immediately impressed and interested in being a part of the experience!

I am a high school astronomy teacher who loves my school despite the fact that my son and sister both live out of state, so I try to visit them often. I am also new to vipassana meditation and plan on going on several more ten-day retreats in the future!

For now, I am listing as a household, but I am considering becoming a sitter soon as well. I’d love the flexibility to travel to and explore new places from time to time! And I love all kinds of animals!

Please look over my listing and let me know if there’s anything I should add or fix, or just say hello!

I should note that most of the year, my snake Monty lives at school in my classroom (#sweetestsnake) but he’s very low maintenance when home on holiday and summer breaks. My car is a two-seater 2015 SMART car. Most of the time it will be available for use. From time to time I will take it on shorter trips around Texas.

Nice being here! Hope to meet some of you soon!



Welcome. As a Dallas resident, I suggest clarifying your location. Dallas and Denton are too far apart to be close to both, I feel. Sitters get frustrated if they apply to a “Dallas” sit only to discover they are 30 miles away, for example.

Supplying a car is unusual and a huge perk, so put that first in your headline. No need to say 3 cats - we can see that from the thumbnail. Try “Car included, tiny house…”

Good luck.


Hi @ambarnes8

Welcome to the TrustedHouseSitters community! That is so cool you live in a tiny house, I almost considered buying one during the pandemic. I’ve realized I don’t need much to make me happy and I live a very minimalistic life. How long have you been in your tiny home?

I see you don’t have your listing linked to your forum profile. Here’s How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Adding this link to your forum profile will enable forum members to quickly access your listing and provide feedback. We have lots of experienced pet parents and sitters on the forum who can take a look at your profile and see if there is any room for improvement. I see @Lassie has already provided some great feedback :slight_smile: and I would agree, I used to live in Dallas and wouldn’t consider Denton a suburb due to the distance.

Once again welcome to this fun animal loving community!