THS does not save my profile text properly/deletes it

Hey! I just got the membership and whilst I was writing my introduction and experiences texts, the app AND the website do not seem to save them properly or even delete the whole text. Once I hit “save” and check how it looks on my profile, the text either isnt fully there, disappeared or wasnt changed at all. I feel like there is a maximum word count as well, since it sometimes cuts off my text, but it is not mentioned anywhere… It is strange and annoying. I just sat here on my laptop, copy pasting copy pasting every single time until it worked :sob::sob:.

Sorry about that. It must be a glitch. For now I recommend downloading the app on your phone and doing it there instead

The same happens in the app :frowning: So there is no way out hahaha

Hello, @anastasiapa Thank you for reaching out to the forum for help. From what you have described your profile should not be acting that way when you try and update it.

I would reach out to the Membership Services team as they can log in to your profile, test it and see if everything is as it should be.

I hope you get it sorted soon :slight_smile: