THS game on Instagram

There is a game on Instagram, which may allow members to win a 100 years membership.
Why is it not shown on the forum ? More players…

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Probably for new members only

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What’s the point of 100 years’ membership? Honestly……:nerd_face:

New members? I doubt, i guess there are more people on Instagram than members posting on this forum regularly…

For 21 years old members who are pretty sure to live until 100. (Sitting until 121?)
THS is rather sure for older members they will never use their membership as long
Giving 2 winners 50 years will have been more generous but still difficult to use…

Perhaps I should have said potential new members.
I don’t do Instagram but I guess to enter you would leave personal details including an email and possibly a contact number. It would give THS access to a whole new database of people to contact.
It also mentions 100k which on first sight I thought was £100k - now that would be nice :+1:
Marketing seems to be their priority.

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@Candide Thanks for sharing this here on the forum - you beat us to it as this was ready to be shared here in the forum today. It’s simply a fun competition to celebrate the fact that the TrustedHousesitters Instagram feed has reached a fabulous milestone of 100,000 followers :100: :tada:.

Anyone can get involved but you do of course need an Instagram account and will need to be following the “trustedhousesitters” account to be able to enter the competition.

You can find more information here:

Have you entered? Good luck if you have :crossed_fingers:

@Twitcher There’s only one person who needs to give an email address - and that’s the winner :wink:

Thank you for the clarification - you know what a cynic I am :joy:

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And @Smiley: Longevity research may be at a, well, I’ll call it a tipping point. E.g., see the podcast by Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard (he wrote a book earlier than that).

Go for that 100 years of sitting!

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