THS Listing Wish List March 2022

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Just to keep this thread on topic adding more pics will be something that is up to the home owner not the THS staff. Sometimes owners do not have a lot of pictures of their pets, other times they have shared with us their Instagram or Google Photos albums.

Distance to vet from the home & how sitter can get the animal to the vet if the sitter doesn’t have a car.

I asked this of a UK HO a week ago and they said the vet was within walking distance but we can use their car anytime we like (not just for a vet trip)

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Under locale - distance to doctor & pharmacy

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I definitely want to know how long pets can be left on their own.


I agree that all of these are good suggestions and I vote specifically for:

Smoking (helps me know if the homeowners smoke indoors)
Times when sit begins and ends
Security camera locations
How long pets can be left alone.

I’ll also add that I’d appreciate knowing if the pets have separation anxiety/are unable to adjust easily to new people.


Excellent list! I hope THS makes updating their site with these requests a priority. I have one item to add - having owner specify if dog is spayed or neutered. It makes a huge difference in some settings if you end up having to be concerned with an unspayed female getting pregnant or an unneutered male taking off if they happen to detect the scent of a nearby fertile female.


Your question about the issue of the sitter not having a car answered something i was wondering about. I’m considering joining but don’t have a car at the moment and wondered how do sitters get to the sit without a vehicle. And if a pet needs to be taken to a vet in the case of an emergency. I wondered if the HO would provide for that.

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Hi @Skw1rl and welcome.
Sitters can get by without their own transport but you need to do your research before applying for a sit. Communication is the key and find out exactly where the sit is and what local transport is available in the area - some locations listed can be misleading.
With regard to vet visits etc. again ask the question. Maybe a neighbour would help in an emergency. I am sure the homeowner would be pleased you had thought it through before confirming.
I can’t stress enough the need for clear communication as the arrangement needs to be a good fit for everyone.
Best Wishes and Good Luck


Every HO will have different circumstances - I think their profile makes it clear if a car is necessary (for a rural area, say). And then you’d need to ask - what about emergencies?

For example, my house is completely accessible by public transport. If my sitter doesnt have a car, I would make arrangements for friends to cover for emergency vet trips. Failing that - taxi (and of course reimbursement of the fare!)!! Even if the sitter has a car, I would expect to contribute to fuel costs for anything of that nature.


H @Skw1rl
If you do not have a car, you do not have a car. Look for sits that are right for you with the criteria you need, access to public transit, use of car, nearby willing and able friends/neighbors for example.

The key to remember is that you make it work for you. Look for the sits that fit your criteria.
I sold my vehicle 3 years ago because I realized I no longer needed it and I still do remote rural sits.
The wish list is your wish, no one else’s. Your job is to find the match and then start the conversations with the right questions.
How can I…

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As a non-morning person I would really like to know in advance what the feeding times are so I’ll know not to apply to care for a dog that gets a 6 AM feed and walk.

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This is exactly what I was looking for! I just got turned down for a sit for two smaller dogs. I wouldn’t have applied had she explained in her descriptions that she wanted a couple because the dogs were pullers. There was no fenced yard (not mentioned until asked) so walking was not an option. There were 5-6 previous Sitters and no reviews, which now speaks volumes.
Departure and Return times are a must. This one has also torpedoed a sit or two!

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Very good Bunny cat. I would also add:
Are the pets spayed and neutered?
Have pets I’d tags with tel and name?
Are they microchipped?
Cat crate for emergency vet visits
Are the medications injectable or table form only?
Pet vaccinations up to date?
Eccentric pet behaviours Eg “eats docks” “will drink coffee”
Emergency gas, water shut offs and where the circuit breakers are?
Is everyone up to date on mandatory Covid/other vaccinations and following recommended infection control precautions?

I would also ask owners to request that their sitters pay attention to what their pet is eating/drinking when the pet is out on walks and not in their safe home environment as it is clear from reading some reviews that some sitters do not think they have a responsibility to monitor what the pet is doing.

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Sorry folks I mean “eats socks”

I would really like to see more photos of the home–some HO do a great job sharing many photos of common areas the sitter would spend time in --kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, garden/backyard, front of home. I think these are the minimum I personally need to see to feel comfortable in screening for cleanliness and clutter. Everyone is different, but I personally do not feel comfortable nor do I want to stay in a dirty and/or cluttered home. It’s a bit of a red flag to me if the listing doesn’t show interior shots–understandably some people may not want to put photos of their home and belongings on-line, but it does often prevent me from “favoriting” a listing.


I would love to see a yes/no (like for High Speed Wifi) for Air Conditioning. I know that in many countries this is rare and not a necessity, but in some parts of the world it is critical to everyone and in other parts of the world, necessary for people with certain medical issues. Knowing it before applying would save sitters from applying, then asking and then having to withdraw an application which would be a waste of time for the HO. This is available on other HS sites and would be a wonderful addition to THS. Thanks for starting this thread - it’s a good one!


Homeowners, I mean the following suggestions in a respectful way, and my intention is to help in creating excellent listings that bring results. I have said many times on the forum that your headline is your first marketing tool. If you look at your listing on the website you’ll see that only the first few words display, and a few more on the app.

The following are words that are used often and, as a sitter, seem irrelevant to me:

caring, kind, responsible, considerate, dependable, trustworthy

No doubt they are important to you, but I doubt there’s a sitter who would pass on your listing, feeling they’re not a match for these adjectives. Sitters take pride in being all of these things. Yes, there are some bad apples, but let’s focus on the majority, again so that you are successful in finding a sitter.

Also, avoid using the following words:

sitter needed, house sitter needed, sitter required, pet sitters wanted, seeking

It didn’t take me long to collect these; I just took them from the first page of the website listings. Also, don’t include location, pet information, or dates in the headline as they display below it.

Remember to use your words wisely to highlight the unique feature of your listing. Draw us in with your words and your first photo. :smiley: