I have looked after this mob three times now…and very interesting animals they are! The oldest one is 75 years; the HO has had it since she was a girl so that is accurate. They are all male and when they are in their outside run, they seem to know when a male is present and picked up my scent from 10m away all moving quickly to where I was and dragging at my trainers and head-butting …a territorial response apparently! I won them over with strawberries, dandelion flowers (collected from fields nearby) and grape size tomatoes which they love! This sit looks out across the River Wye and is a stunning location with great walks right from the door. There are Badgers who come visiting at night and are fed left over chicken etc but the tortoise need to be safely put away in their heated shed at dusk as Badgers would kill them. For anybody interested in tortoise there are some really fascinating facts about longevity, physiology etc on the www.


Aww tortoises are great. I had two when I was a child. And one seemed to give up on life when the other died. I am glad your HO has a few together. At least they won’t get lonely.

@BillyBonnieBenji yes they had 7 all together…two different types and kept seperately in the inside shed as these in the photo are alot bigger and knock the smaller ones about! The outside run had enough room and hiding places for the smaller ones to get away from them; alot of head-butting and nipping takes place and they mount each other quite alot which i gues is a dominance behaviour. Very interesting creatures. Sorry you lost yours.

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