Travel updates - Indonesia / Bali

I know it’s not relevant to many of you, but I thought I would post this anyway.

Indonesia Authorities finally open more airports for international travellers to enter the country.

This announcement is extremely well received, particularly in Bali, where dwindling tourism numbers have massively affected the economy of the island.

In an official decree from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Number M. HH-02.GR.02.02 Year 2021, the Indonesian Authorities announced that effective immediately, international flights may enter Indonesia territories to the following ports of entry:

  1. Soekarno Hatta – Jakarta

  2. Kualanamu – Medan

  3. Halim Perdana Kasuma – Jakarta

  4. Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta

  5. Sam Ratulangi – Manado

  6. Juanda – Surabaya

  7. Hang Nadim – Batam

  8. Ngu Rah Rai – Bali

Requires PCR test pre-travel, and 8 days quarantine on arrival.

So I have completed my visa applications, and hopefully will be spending the winter in Indonesia / Bali.
I have done 5 sits on Bali so far, so hope to be able to do a few more over the winter months as owners who have been stuck on the island are able to travel to see friends and family.


Now that is very good news


Good to know - I’ve had my eye on a Bali trip for next year - it’s been on my bucket list for a while!


It is everything they say. Would gladly go back.

That’s great news for you @Petermac. Good luck on securing sits for winter in Indonesia.

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Hi Petermac - I’d love to know about your favorite places/suggestions of where to go to in Bali. Thanks!


@Petermac this is excellent news for all travelers but knowing your love for the area you must be delighted …

Question, apart from great pet and house sitting experiences and the relationships you’ve built over your time in Indonesia, what is it that makes it so special for you and what have you missed the most?

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@Angela-CommunityManager - A combination of so many things.

The food in SE Asia is amazing, but I find Indonesian food to be the best in the world.

Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world by population, spread across thousands of islands and the variety of food from the different cultures within one country is special.

It is a majority Muslim country, with the exception of Bali, which is Hindu.

The people on Bali are so friendly and welcoming. I have spent most of my time in the busier areas of Bali – close to the city of Denpasar, but near the surfing beach of Canggu and the tourist area of Seminyak – that’s where my house sits have been, but have travelled to some quieter areas of the island by scooter, and the scenery is amazing out of the city – rice fields, volcanos, beautiful beaches, amazing waterfalls.

The island of Bali, the 11th largest of the Indonesian islands, is only about 100 miles long and 70 wide, but has a population of 5 million, about the same as Scotland, with about a fifth of the people living in the Denpasar area. There are all levels of accommodation, from luxury hotels and Villas costing 1000’s a night, to backpack bunk houses costing a couple of dollars a night, including breakfast! So, the mix of people is great.

I just love walking along the beach, sitting at a beach bar or café, basically doing nothing. Probably this is what I miss the most! Bare feet on the beach.

I have also spent a bit of time in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on the north of Java. Not doing house sits, just being a tourist.

It is a relatively unknown city, not that many tourists, but has some great monuments, parks, buildings, shopping malls, and food everywhere. It can be VERY hot though. I have never really had a problem with language in Indonesia, there are over 300 different Languages, but almost everyone speaks Bahasa, the common language, and some English.

If I get my visa approved, I am thinking about flying to Jakarta, doing my 8 days quarantine there (if still required, things are changing so fast) then spending a few days travelling the length of Java (about 1000km) by train, stopping off at a couple of places, before catching the ferry to Bali from the southern end of Java.

There are no sits advertised on Bali at the moment, but once the country opens up, I know there will be a number of people wanting to return to Australia, NZ, USA having been stuck on Bali for the last 18 months, so fingers crossed I get another great sit in a villa with pool, maid/helper just off the beach – paradise.


If you have extra sits, let me know.
Have fun


This is absolutely wonderful @Petermac. Thank you so much.
I was nearly one of those that would have been there 18 months as I left in April 2020 (doesn’t seem that long ago) at the suggestion of the US embassy. It was a very difficult decision.
I had already been there two months, in Bali, and I couldn’t agree with you more. the people are extremely warm and friendly. Their culture makes them so as they have deep rooted beliefs in reciprocity, karma. The island is beautiful and bountiful of food and the sensual delights of the ocean, sun, and vegetation.
I stayed in Selemedag, Tabanan away from the tourist scene though there was a nice influx of Australian surfers.
Need to go back as there is much yet to experience and it’s great springboard to Australia and New Zealand.
and it is so inexpensive!
Life is delicious.


oh If you don’t mind, What type of Visa did you apply for? Business or tourist?
I did a lot of running around to stay as long as I did and am always looking for ways to extend when I find exotic locations like this.

@Amparo I have applied for a 6-month Business visa, but using an agency, so they become sponsors and do all the work.
It is actually a one month visa, which is extended to 60 days, and then you get 4 extensions! I think it is called a B211A e-visa
Sounds odd but that’s one of the only ways to do it.
You can only enter Indonesia right now if you have a pre-arranged visa.
It is a single entry, so if I leave before the end of 6 months it is cancelled. is the agency I am using, but there are several, Balisolve is another, also some fake ones who just take your money…
It costs about $300 for the service and 1st visa payment, then 4 X $50 for the extensions.
Oh, and you MUST be double vaccinated, get a PCR test no more than 72 hours pre-flight, and quarantine for 8 days.


You are a blessing @Petermac. You just opened a very nice little big door for me.
Thank you.


Update - I applied for my 6 monthly Visa about 10 days ago, based on the rules laid out by the Indonesian Government. This morning my visa agency contacted me to tell me that the Government had changed the rules, without telling them, or the Indonesian Visa office!
Anyone wishing to enter Indonesia / to get a visa must now also produce a Health certificate (not just covid vaccination) and have a "Result of health examination that shows free from infectious diseases’ !!
and also a “Certificate of good conduct from authorities in the country of origin” basically a Police check.
This is not impossible, just a bit time consuming, especially the health certificate in current times - try to see a DR in the UK is impossible, and costly. I estimate it may take at least a month, and another $300.
The agency has advised me to wait a couple of days until the new regs are “official” as they can and do change at a moments notice.


Hmm good to know thank you.
Might be best to hold and see how this plays out? Things seem to be changing rapidly.

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Thanks for the update @Petermac please keep us posted it’s always good to have accurate travel information as there is more planning involved with travel today than ever before.

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Well, it appears that I got my visa application in before the changes I have noted above, so this morning I got my 6-month visa approved, and will be off to Bali in a couple of weeks!

A wee bit surprised and excited…


How absolutely wonderful! Well done! No pressure but we expect a full report, daily :slight_smile:
with details and photos :rofl:


Congratulations Peter… what good news that must be. As @Amparo says… we will be expecting lots of updates and lovely photos!! Travel safe, and travel happy :slight_smile:


What brilliant new @Petermac we can now live vicariously through our friend and community member in Indonesia … stop off at Raffles on the way would you, a Singapore Sling and some monkey nuts would go down a treat.

Good Luck and don’t leave without saying “I’m off!!”