Traveler from Maine


My husband and I live in Maine and are interested in finding house sitters. We have a small parrot named Ivie.


Hi @Ivieparrot welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from Maine with Ivie, who will be in very good company with our other parrot members.

If you haven’t done so already the very best way to find sitters for Ivie is to join the site and create a listing this link from our website will explain how it all works … How it Works | Find a House Sitter |

If you need help or advice don’t hesitate to ask our community.

Angela and the Team

I am very keen to visit Maine, when the weather is warmish. I live in Texas so have no experience shoveling snow and very little experience with snow and ice generally! I’m not afraid of it, but would hate to have an accident when I’m responsible for someone else’s house and pets.


Not sure which part of ME you are in or when you are looking, but we are due for a trip to Maine. I’ve raised a chick in the past and it became a beautiful Scarlet Macaw.

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