Two female friends looking for long term sit!

Hello lovely people
My name’s Nikki, I’m 30 and work in Holistic Wellness and Education.
I’m a keen traveller and have spent 2.5 years in Australia, and been back in the West Midlands, UK for a year. This summer has been amazing; I’ve been working at lots of different festivals and running holistic workshops.
I work as a tutor two days a week and the rest of my time is flexible; I use it for community work, planning online and in-person offerings, visiting friends and new places in nature.
I am a little reluctant to get a house rental as my ultimate vision is to live in community where I can grow food and share life with like-minded people, and I wish to keep myself open for this and keep saving for it.
I am a respectful houseguest, love love love animals - having grown up always having dogs, worked in boarding kennels and also having dog and cat-sat in Australia and New Zealand, which were significant delightful moments and a welcome refuge during travel!
I’m a spiritual being (as we all are!) and am connected to the Buddhist community in Malvern and Moseley. I frequently take part in (and host) online courses in such pursuits. I practice yoga, meditation, eat mainly wholefood plant based and am becoming increasingly creative as I connect more to what truly fulfils me. My friend and I run a monthly women’s circle.
During my time in Australia, I worked at several organic farms, planted trees, ran a wholefoods cafe, was a PA for the owner of a microfarm, worked on a heritage railway as a steward (I like diversity!) and have previously studied my PhD in Environmental Science. I am now leaning more into community work and in outdoor education, and still exploring and devloping! I also work as an art facilitator and tutor in SEN.
My likeminded friend Asheena and I LOVE the outdoors.
Warm wishes from Nikki and Asheena

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Hello Lovelies and welcome to this wonderful part of your lives. You are refreshing and I can feel your warmth and energy.
looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your journey here @NikkiBaker92

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Hello, would you be interested in coming to Canada?

Hello @renee756. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. We’re glad you found us. If you need help establishing your TrustedHousesitter account, please let us know. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and hearing about your travel adventures in the days to come.


If you are looking for a long term sit for the 2 of you I would suggest:
Go to Find a Housesit, put in anywhere, change duration to 1-6 months (press Apply) and see what comes up. New sits show up daily. I just saw one for 2.5 months in Greece, looks pretty basic, even has a yoga studio and has wonderful hiking and the dog sounds great. Also, if you don’t mind the cold there is one in Vermont Nov-March at a place called River Cloud Farm. It looks amazing. Has a year round greenhouse, raise their own chickens, etc. Lots of hiking and winter sports. Give it a look see. Hope you find the perfect place to land for a while.


Hey Renee, thanks for your message - I am excited abut Canada but am trying to put down some roots in the UK at this chapter of my life! thank you though

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