Two hounds in Buckinghamshire - first time nervous Mum!

Hello! We have two wonderful hounds petit basset griffon vendeen - though very typical for their breed, full of character and have us cater to their every whim!

The dogs are my world and we’ve never used anyone other than family to look after them though introduced a dog walker last time they stayed with my father in law and they adored her!

My question really is with one boy being nervous (he’s one eyed and hadn’t left the house when we got him as a 6 month old) how do you find a sitter with the right patience and kindness. We’d have to do a gradual introduction but once he’s fallen for someone he’s an absolute sweetheart and clown.

Anyone specialise in characterful hounds who will make you smile but need lots of love!


Hi @KayeLay welcome to our community forum and I did look for your listing to share pictures of your hounds so that our dog loving community could “meet” your boys but I see that you’ve not completed your registration to become a member of TrustedHousesitters and will tag @Therese-Moderator so that she can help you with this when she is back online.

Meanwhile some more detail on your hound’s breed would be very helpful and we look forward to welcoming you to our TrustedHousesitters community.

Angela and the Forum Team

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Hi Angela,

It’s so new to me and reading all the reviews I guess I was trying to understand if people are happy to sit for dogs that are a little more needy before I take the plunge. It’s such a big thing to leave them but absolutely understand that a listing will be the way forward as soon as I feel brave enough!

They are Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (basically scruffy, characterful basset hounds!). Thanks for your message and help.


Hi @KayeLay we completely understand and coming to the forum we hope will give you the confidence to know that there are sitters who can meet your boy’s needs and your expectations giving your complete peace of mind when you leave, but more importantly knowing the boys will be happy at home.


That’s the breed :slight_smile: though ours are a little more casual looking, haha!


Your pups are absolutely adorable @KayeLay ! :heart_eyes:

And just one more!


They’re gorgeous! Sadly I can’t help at the moment as am booked up until mid October then going ‘downunder’ to housesit and travel. Once you’ve joined and set up your profile and have dates in mind be completely honest about the dogs’ needs. It might be an idea to find a sitter(s) relatively near to you so they can meet up with you and the dogs in advance. Unfortunately you may not be able to rely on repeat sits with those sitters though, but you never know!
Good luck!

Thank you! To add to the cuteness they are called Pugwash and Fraggle!


Thank you so much for replying. I think that’s a great suggestion and I’ve been browsing and seeing local people are around. I absolutely agree there is no way I could leave them without them having met someone first I’d end up crying all holiday! We are looking in November so hoping if we get lucky we may be able to introduce slowly and everyone will be happy! Have a fabulous time in Oz!

@KayeLay Welcome to the forum. I’m a sitter but one suggestion I’ve seen from homeowners here is that, before your holidays, you do a trial run for perhaps a long weekend, just to see how your dogs (and you :wink:) adjust. It also allows you to learn so much from that first experience. It will allow you to be more prepared when you take your longer holiday. It may not be the same sitter that time, but you can apply what you’ve learned from your trial run.

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Thank you! That’s such good advice and something we’d thought of as the pups have never been with a stranger & it would def help my nerves too!


@KayeLay It’s very natural to be nervous. Unfortunately in life we hear of the bad examples, or think of worse case scenarios. Having been a sitter with THS for many years, I am so impressed by so many sitters who will take on challenges that are beyond what I would consider. The important thing is to find the right fit.

However, I warn you that when you do, you may come home to dogs who are not too thrilled to see you. Be prepared for that too. :slightly_smiling_face: Sometimes they are the sitter’s world and they get pampered. Remember when we, as sitters, are away from home, we usually have less of our usual demands on our time and more freedom to focus on your pets. :dog:


This is a good idea as long as the sitters work out ok

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Hi @KayeLay Pugwash and Fraggle are very cute!

When we sit fairly close to home we often offer to meet or visit beforehand. So there may well be sitters out there who can accommodate this. It works for us because we only sit during school holidays, but can visit or meet with homeowners on a weekend beforehand.


Hi @KayeLay,

I often sit for dogs that are challenging in one way or another. I’ve had many challenging dogs of my own and loved them dearly, so it’s not much of a stretch for me. If close enough, I’d consider going to meet the pets (I have done this). There are a lot of people in this organization who are real animal lovers and really want to help.

@KayeLay I think I have fallen in love with these beautiful pups! Thank you for sharing


Hi Angela,
We have been Housesitting for years and love each of the animals we look after like our own. My recommendation is to make sure you read the references and the feedback from people who have been using housesitters. If you are only comfortable meeting your potential in person, put that in your request.

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@Snowbird I definitely agree. We fall in love with all of the pets we look after and they get that extra attention because we do have the time.


They are adorable!
We do not live locally to you, we do connect with people we would like to Housesit for and have made arrangements to meet them and get pet approval when in the area. We will be in the Uk in December & January if you were interested in checking us out for the future…
@Angela-HeadOfCommunity if I have overstep the rules please remove. I am new to the community forum & haven’t figured out the DM yet.