Unacceptable house sit

My first sit wasn’t unacceptable but was certainly not my ideal in terms of being a clean home. I spent two days deep cleaning (my friends at home said I had to draw the line at cleaning the oven), but the pets were fun and we made it work. After that, though, I always insist on inside photos or a video chat.

For me, knowing that people are going to be staying in my home, gets me motivated to update some things, secure personal papers, and to clean my home thoroughly. I figure that if I want someone to leave my home as they found it, I owe it to them and to myself, to leave it clean for them. In general, the homes of the places where I’ve sat, were similar.

As far as video cameras in a home, I consider it an insult and wouldn’t sit where there are cameras.


I’m a HO and it would not bother me in the least to be asked questions by the prospective sitters, it is a two way streak after all…


Gaslighting is in fact an old term used way back from the 30’s & 40’s

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I will do so when I arrive home from work this evening.

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