Until what age do you plan to pet sit?

Many sitters are in their 50 or 60’. Even older (like me)

How long do you plan to go on sitting?

Do you feel owners trust more, or less, elderly ?

Did you begin sitting 20, 10 years ago or recently ?

What is the limit ? The weight of dogs, the duration of walks, the duration of the sit ?

I guess the sitters with no personal homes fear the moment they feel less strong and healthy?

Do you live on pension or/ and savings if you don’t work anymore ?


I think the question of age is an interesting one. We’ve often wondered if we’ve been selected because we’re older or not selected because we’re too old! I think if you’re older (60+) and providing you’re fit and active then you’re a good bet. My only reservation as an owner would be worrying about the potential ill-health of an elderly sitter. Strong animals can prove a challenge if you’re no longer physically strong yourself (and I don’t enjoy being pulled all the way on a walk) and a fall could prove a real problem. My husband and I began sitting 5 years ago and would hope to carry on for a while yet when circumstances allow. However, having looked after a couple of ‘pullers’ I think it’s something I’d want to check out with the owners. We came back from a sit where the dog pulled constantly and it took weeks for our chest muscles to recover!

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Hello Jane, are you the person who looked after Scheggia like I did ?

I’m rather sad not to have discovered THS years before : we have made more than 40 swaps but I think pet sitting is another experience you can enjoy even for 3 days, even in your country when you need a conjugal break. Or when you just lost a pet and feel like cuddling another furry animal. Because you’re afraid now to take a new cat who may live 18 or 20 years and you don’t want to make him an orphean put in a rescue center !

You’re right an “old” sitter must be sure to be in good health : I already precise in my profile I can’t sit alone if there are 2 heavy dogs (my shoulder will not stand it !) unless the dogs are kept in a private large garden and I don’t need to walk them. They can still make you fall. So far I’m ok

With my small experience (8 sits in 2 years) I prefer to contact retired owners : I assume they will trust me more than young owners (who often don’t take time to decline my applications)

I just checked : a similar thread “does age matter ?” was published last september. Senility already ???

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Yes, we still see Scheggia regularly and the owners have become good friends.

Taking on an animal in later years has to be carefully thought through, probably an elderly rescue is the sensible way forward. As far as sit sare concerned then young, strong dogs are not a good idea! I think the pensioners are a safer bet!

We’ve done over 27 sits in 4 years and still looking forward to more but with age comes experience!

Kind regards

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We joined THS in our mid sixties and have done a lot of sits and been approached to do sits. We’ve also wondered if age has been a factor in us being approached to sit and then perhaps not getting a sit. I do agree with others that one needs to be active to keep up with certain breeds of dogs and we keep this in mind when applying on a sit. We hope to keep enjoying our sits with THS for many more years to come!


We hope to continue house sitting until we can’t, or until we’re ready to try the next thing. I’ve wondered myself about hosts’ perception of sitters’ ages, but in our late 60s, it hasn’t stopped us yet! :grin:


Twinkie1952? Are you born in 1952? Then you are still in your 60’.
Am i the only one over 70? (born in 1950)

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I think the key, regardless of your age, is to not apply for sits that you can’t physically do. My husband is 68, but is much more fit than most younger people. I am 60 and am used to walking larger dogs at the shelter who pull on leash. At some point, we may have to restrict our sits to kitties and small lap dogs, but we are not there yet. I am also not ready for bingo and bus tours, but they may be in my future.


Love your sense of humour, do hope bingo and bus tours are an option and not inevitable for us “older” sitters!


My husband is 71, I’m 61. We have no intention of stopping until we are physically unable to, but for now, both of us are fit and healthy and have no trouble doing everything we were able to do 20 years ago.

We may adjust our travel plans a bit when my husband hits 75 because health and car rental insurance can get more expensive so maybe we will do shorter trips and stay in one place more often. Or we’ll have to pay a lot more for an automatic transmission on rental cars if I have to drive. :sweat_smile:


I’m 70 and have been sitting for 2 years now; wish I’d known about TH when I retired 2 years before, although my 2 years of airbnb travel were fine and I probably wouldn’t have snagged sits in Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan or China. Maybe Oz or NZ, but those are hard to get.
I’ll keep sitting as long as I’m healthy enough - maybe a bit more selective - if it is a place with steep hills for walks, maybe not; might avoid the tropics in summer or he far north in winter. Also no 4th floor walk up apartments.
Also, when I resume international sits, I’ll renew my all around travel insurance - med evac, etc. This year with only US sits, my Medicare advantage plan works fine.