Unusual requests / specialist

I am on a sit in Bali right now, and this is the 3rd sit where I have had to use a Scooter to get the dogs to the beach. How many of you would be able/willing to do that?

Any other unusual requests from Owners?

and the dogs are getting bigger everytime!


I used to like you @Petermac :rofl:


Definitely do it. I love an unusual adventure.
Never had an unusual request, just the normal ones. Bring in the mail, do some gardening, water the plants, count the chickens. All in a days joy.


That’s awesome, I would definitely do it!


Well done you, I have problems keeping MYSELF upright on a bicycle @Petermac … living overseas I saw scooters with a veritable zoo on board. :rofl:



I actually saw him back in 2018 when I had the 2 poodles on my scooter - I almost fell off when he passed us !!

It’s quite a common thing here, on the footplate, on the back behind the driver, or on special crates and boxes. 7am at the beach and all the dogs pile off the scooters.


I just think you are incredibly brave!!


My unusual request is no where near as exciting as yours. The owners would be away on the day that the few docking spaces at the marina would be available for annual lease. They asked if we would go in their place, but totally understood if we’d chose not to. We were up very early to get a place in line. I felt like I was lining up to buy the latest iPhone. However, we were about 4th in line and we were successful. Job done and happy boat/home owners. The dog enjoyed the early morning walk too. :yawning_face: :paw_prints:


So now that I have successfully recovered from my “Balinese envy” :laughing: That is way too cool @Petermac. I am truly so happy that you have the perfect match with place, pets and adventures. It’s magical when that happens.
Salamat :pray:


You may be recovered, but I think the @Petermac “Balinese envy” may at least reach epidemic levels. Other than snow lovers, who wouldn’t want to be there? I’m drooling over a Grenada listing today, realizing of course that it’s currently out of reach. Vicarious travel via THS listings today for me, as I stare out the window at a dusting of snow. :sunglasses:


He is a smart man that made a fast move when the opportunity window opened. I am happy for him and I am grateful that I have been there. It was actually the last place I lived before all these lockdowns began.

Today I look out and realize my life is good right where I am.
Enjoy the snow and your time where you are right now.
Everything can and will change.
Life is good.

The current castle.


I agree. I also enjoy the simplicity of my condo life, where I still have a lovely courtyard view. This photo wasn’t taken today, but does show my usual view.


Beautiful. Looks serene.

Grenada is an amazing place to visit. Take the tour of the chocolate plantation and remember the three course meal. Every course has chocolate in it. Then of course visit the worlds smallest chocolate factory and get your free samples.

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I have been there once, many years ago, but wasn’t immersed in the culture. That’s how my visit would be different next time. However, the pandemic has me grounded closer to home for now. :slightly_frowning_face:

We went in on our first time in the Caribbean on Ruby Tuesday. We anchored in Secret Harbour. One day I was looking for the correct bus and asked a driver “does this bus go to Secret Harbour?” You guessed it, “Shush, I can’t tell you, it’s a secret” came back the reply. Loved the people.