Update - New Saved Search Email πŸš€

Hi Everyone,

We have an exciting update to your saved search emails going live today. The new email will be hitting your inboxes from 12pm Pacific Time today.

Thank you to everybody who responded to the recent saved search survey, to those sitter members we interviewed and for all the feedback here on the forum.

We have taken on all your feedback and made the following improvements:

1.) Increased the number of saved searches shown in the email from 3 to 10. We now show results for up to 10 saved searches. This is only shown if you have new results that match the Saved Search criteria.

2.) Increased the number of listings shown per saved search from 2 to 6

3.) Each saved search will now show up to six matching results and include a link to view all new matching sits on TrustedHousesitters.

4.) Added location, pets and dates of the sit.vKnow whether the sits in the email are right for you with the listing information now matching the website and app search results.

We hope our members are as excited about the new saved search features as we are. Saved searches are the best way to find new sits which are perfect for you.

If you haven’t set up a saved search, now is a perfect time. This guide explains everything you need to know about creating and getting the most out of saved searches. Sitters with a saved search are more likely to secure a sit that meets their criteria on TrustedHousesitters.


That’s great news, @Ben-Product. Thanks to you and your team for these improvements.


Thanks Ben, as many other members I wondered whether all our proposals made during months had been heard and followed by improvements. So glad !

A question : could we know if owners take time to answer to applicants ? (their rate) and could we both, owners and sitters, leave reviews and feed backs, watched only if the other side had sent his/hers ?

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Thanks @Provence we are looking into the above options and will keep you posted. :slight_smile:

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