Updated: Sitter Found! Feb. 2nd - Feb. 14th in Enfield, NH, USA

Dates: Feb. 2nd - Feb. 14th
Location: Enfield, NH
Country: USA

Request: Hi everyone, we are leaving in a week for our first lengthy vacation and are still in need of a sitter for our little fur baby. Please reach out to me if you are interested and we can chat! I have the link to the listing in my profile. I hope to hear from someone! Thank you!

Hi and welcome. I can’t help with the sit, but I did review your listing. I would suggest you add the usual distance or length of time for the walks. You mention every 5 hours, and 2-3 times a day. Please avoid wording like ‘long walks’, as that is so subjective. This information is important if both you and the sitter(s) are to assess whether they are a good fit for what is an important need in your listing.

I hope you are successful in your search for company for Dixie. :paw_prints:

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Okay, that makes sense. Thank you for the tip!

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