"Upgrade" tab

I noticed yesterday when I logged into my account, that I now have a gold “upgrade” tab at the top of my page. When I tag on it I’m presented with the 3 membership choices to which I can upgrade. I’ve been an upgraded premium member for months. This isn’t the end of the world but it’s annoying. How long will this tab live at the top of my page?


This happens to me too along with emails telling me my profile is about to expire as I have not renewed. It does not expire until September.

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Ha, I saw that too and was concerned I hadn’t already upgraded to premium when I renewed last month. It looks like an upgrade now would mean I’d have a combined account of sitter and home owner I think. I also wish I could dismiss it once I’ve seen it.

Hi @Knowmad have passed on all of your thoughts … :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the new Upgrade tab on my home page too. I haven’t upgraded and have no intention of doing so but on top of all the other recent changes I find it extremely “pushy” for want of a better word. THS seems to be concentrating more and more on expanding a business rather than improving the platform for the hundreds and hundreds of clients they already have. The days of simple trust based exchange seem to be long past and I miss them


I noticed that yesterday as well. I just recently found the website and signed up for the premium sitter membership maybe 3 or so day ago, however because I do not have a solid “home” per say, there is no need to have the combine membership which is what the upgrade was trying to get me todo. Honestly I don’t like that it’s there, but I’m also one of those people that doesn’t like a lot of notifications on my screen to begin with.


Hi @liz - my sentiments exactly and it’s now all about the money!

Hi everyone, regarding the upgrade tab which some of you have noticed.

Why is it there?

Not everyone receives or reads emails, not everyone is aware of the membership choices available to them. Using messaging on individual profiles and accounts is another way of sharing important information with our community.

Thank you.

For me, the question is why is it there if I’ve already upgraded?